Made in [your country] - specifically for federations

INKISH.TV is maybe the only TV-channel in the world (in the printing industry) that isn't supported by adverts. We are however dependent on sponsors - and especially sponsorships from the local federations.

Here is why. INKISH.TV is not about products and equipment. INKISH.TV is not about praising technologies, companies etc. INKISH.TV is about sharing stories from printers around the Globe. These stories are made to support, encourage and inspire owners and managers in printing companies globally. We tell stories that are great. We tell stories that can inspire YOUR members to become better, more profitable and with access to content that serves only the printers - we simply need your support.

A "Made in [your country]" sponsorship does not only show your support to INKISH but also gives you access to use INKISH to SPREAD your word. Every event you do in your country we will cover at INKISH.TV - your only cost is transport, hotel, and accommodation - no extra cost is invoiced. We find this type of sponsorship extremely important and good for both of us. Besides the coverage of your events, we also guarantee that we film stories of successful printers in your country. All episodes made in your country will have a logo and a direct link to the federation's website.

Price is 5.000 USD per year.
The agreement is a subscription that can be terminated 3 months in advance to end of year.

To see an example of how the logo is represented, please click here or see image below: