INKISH.TV is an independent TV-channel for the printing industry. Besides the opportunities, we offer Brand Owners and Federations we also offer services that have nothing to do with our editorial work. See below for a list of services (currently just one) we offer and in case you are interested in services not on the list you are more than welcome to contact us for further information.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is for many people one of the most engaging ways of sharing knowledge and information. Technology has for sure made recording and distribution easier - but it still requires knowledge, cameras, crew and loads of devices. INKISH.TV offer high-quality live streaming of events and not only do we take care of the live stream - we also offer upload of a high-quality edition after the event plus shorter edits of the event that makes it much more comprehensive to see afterward. We even offer short teaser films to be distributed on Social Media for even further engagement. 

Streaming events is a great way to make sure that the cost of developing an event and further increase reach is easy, fast and cost efficient. We can even include Twitter feeds into the live stream so you can engage with viewers while the event takes place. 

Why not just publish a recorded event some may ask. First of all, live streaming is cost efficient. Second, when recording an event on multiple cameras, in order to make it look nice and professional, you will have to spend quite some time in editing - and therefore you will often see that some of the live "flavor" simply disappears - so INKISH.TV offer the best of two worlds. All content on all cameras are recorded as well as the live stream ensuring all the editing capabilities afterward if needed - and at the same delivered live.

We deliver on YouTube, Facebook and on INKISH.TV as part of our offering. We can distribute directly on your YouTube and/or facebook channel simultaneously. 

INKISH.TV Live Streaming package consists of:
3 people to ensure switching, audio, camera+
Cameras, switchers, computers, editing, music and designs.

Price per day: 4.500 USD + cost for travel, accommodation, and hotel.*
Optional editing where each speaker is made into an own film. 3.500 USD
Optional editing for 45-90 seconds teasers for use on Social Media 350 USD per edition.
Optional transcription and subtitles in English is 280 USD per hour.

Technical requirements at the site are 10 MB cabled Internet connection as a minimum. Two-channel Audio out of sound mixer as balanced XLR or TSR/Jacks. We require an HDMI out of the projector or a split before going into venues AV-facility. HDMI cable from presenters computer should reach min. 10 min. We provide splitters and cables.

*For streamed content we provide org. footage for distribution on own channels.

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