Brand Owner Opportunity

INKISH.TV is an independent online TV-station for the printing industry - and though we don't write or talk much about equipment - we are maybe one of the most important marketing channels you can choose to use. Our independence is a challenge, since you can't buy much from us - but what we offer is second to none.

First: Equipment and technology is an extremely important part of the printing industry - but rather that appreciating your technology we rather tell about your equipment from one of your customers perspective. Maybe it sounds to you like a case story, but it isn't. You decide who we talk to and we decide what we talk to them about. Balanced information about your products advantages and disadvantges IS actually a benefit for everybody. You get feedback from market to focus on even more envanced development and prospects will get to know, what they eventually will know anyway.

We portrait your client and angle the story so we talk with C-level management, production and sales about the business side of technology and put in a perspective where your prospects can benefit from getting a non-biased information. 

With more than 70.000 viewers, wide spread distribution in EU, Middle East and the US + - we are certain that the benefits you'll see working with INKISH.TV is valuable.

We have an open price-policy so below you can see our prices, terms etc.:

A sponsored episode cost only 5.500 USD.
IF we can decide when the episode is filmed, the price cover editorial work, design, music, recording, editing, travel, hotel and accommodation EVERYWHERE in the world
IF you decide when to film, you pay travel, hotel and accommodation.

You pay 50% when contract is signed and 50% before we publish. 

INKISH.TV focus on the story. We don't care very much about how many viewers a specific episode gains. The reason is relative simple. Since we don't charge per viewer or sell advertising we focus on the story, the quality of our work and we believe that you as a brandowner has a much bigger interest in spreading the good story than we. That doesn't mean that we won't do what we can to get as many viewers as posslble, but we believe it is a corporation, where you distribute the content as much as possible in your network and so do we in ours.