INKISH TV is a TV-channel for and about the print industry. Here you'll find videos about people, events, companies business and technology. With a strong journalistic angle, we find the stories that we believe can encourage people in the industry. Encouraging by getting more information and by sharing knowledge. By not only focusing on equipment, but also the business perspective we have an aim to give business owners of all sizes an insight that can inspire the entire business to more, but also better business.

INKISH covers the industry all over the world, so please send us a tip to mre@inkish.tv if you have the story, you believe we should cover. We hope you'll watch, like, share and enjoy what we are doing.

INKISH.TV is made by:
Morten Reitoft - Editor/Sales
Jan Majnik - Filmer
Pat McGrew - Editor Print Sample TV
Richard Askam - Editor The Richard Askam Channel

Przemek Celiński - After Effects/Computer graphics
Alexandru Lacob - Identity
Aleksey "LeStR" Stroykin - Music

Nils Harbo - Startup Concept, Editor, Camera & Editing
Michelle Frey - Translation/Transcription (German)
Transcriptions - rev.com
Music - Envato
Music  - Artlist.io

Thank you for your support.

Morten B. Reitoft
Editor & CEO