• One thing is of course taste...




    What surprises me constantly is that we are working in an industry that is so visual orientated and we are so focused on effects, paper, die cuts, gamut, densities and more - and that said SO many magazines, websites, newsletters, and more from stakeholders in the printing industry looks - well I could say like 'shit', but will limit myself to say - not good.

  • Workflow to Perfection




    From time to time you meet people and companies that simply stand out from the most. At the beginning of January, I got a call from @Diana Albiol from Enfocus who asked if we on short-notice would be able to go to the US to make a testimonial from a printing company. Of course always happy to get calls that means business but also a trip to the US is always welcome - so of course, the answer was "yes." The company we were going to visit was The Bernard Group in Chanhassen, MN - and frankly speaking I've never heard of them before. Now I do and that has simply been one of the most amazing visits I have ever had at a printing company. This is Workflow to Perfection - read and learn!

  • The Magic Inside Your Digital Front End



    PrintMediaCntr · Pat McGrew

    We really can’t live without our DFE’s and though we use them daily most people probably don’t know what they do and why they are an essential part of your workflow. Pat McGrew a senior director from Keypoint Intelligence share her insight on the magic of the DFE - Really good and you just want MORE.

  • The State of the Printing Industry 2018



    The Printing Industries of America conduct every year a report on “The State of The Industry” and though growth is lower than GDP growth the forecast for 2018 expect a growth that is a positive sign for the printing industry. The report also gives a few hints on which sectors and technologies that trends positive the most.