Mon April 1st


Increased Productivity using CERM and ES...

Increased productivity is extremely important - and yes, CERM and ESKO play an enormous role with the Sicialian label producer Auroflex. Still, the business is developed around a quality and passion for supporting the Sicilian wine, food, and luxury products industry. But Auroflex does many things that are a bit out of the standard, for example, an annual design competition, where designers are invited to challenge Auroflex - and all the designs are produced to show what's possible - and as Fabio Butera tells INKISH, this develops a close relationship between Auroflex and the designers, that eventually will make some of the most complex and interesting design. Auroflex produces labels in both flexo, digital, and offset. The most important reason for investment in print technology is from Nilpeter - an offset/flexo hybrid machine - by all means, an amazing company, and see how CERM and ESKO are used in planning, pricing, color management, and, of course, inspection - in tightly integrated solutions - merging beauty with efficiency - love it.

Thu March 28th


Dario Urbinati · CEO · Gallus Group

Will all labels be printed digitally within the next 20 years? How will it be when Ferdinand Rueesch III steps down from Gallus? How is the market developing, and what does the future look like? Gallus CEO Dario Urbinati answers the above questions in this very open-minded interview with Editor Morten B. Reitoft from INKISH. Enjoy!