Sat March 23rd


The Next Version of the Printing Industr...

CEO Slava Apel from Amazing Print Tech is known for many roles in the printing industry and in this film, you will get an idea about his doings - and there is a lot. We met him at Print®18 in Chicago where he had at least two roles. One role was as the exhibitor of his award-winning software company Amazing Print Tech, and second as a speaker at one of the educational tracks. Slava Apel is an author, a speaker, a business developer, a consultant, and a true entrepreneur in the best meaning, and when you listen to his doings, you can't avoid being impressed. The list of things that he manages to accomplish is amazing. Visiting multiple printing companies. Writing several books. Leading a software company, and from my follow of Slava Apel on LinkedIn, he is also active in his local business community. Watch, listen, like, and of course, share.

Mon March 18th


Richard Askam about Print Is Dead? · The...

When the Internet was introduced, many believed that the paperless society was a reality, but that wasn't the case. When the so-called financial crisis shattered the world in 2008 changes in the consumption of paper and print, many people started to consider weather print this time could set up the final sign - "RIP." Regardless of the forecasts print is absolutely not dead but may change faster than most understand. As always Richard Askam has an opinion - and you can learn from it here. Enjoy the Richard Askam Channel on INKISH.TV and start thinking!

Mon March 4th


Printers should invest now instead of wa...

At the recent Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019, we got the chance to talk to General Manager Global Business Yoshihiro Oe from Horizon about global trends, the state of the industry from a Horizon perspective and how it is to work 32 years in the same company. This conversation was, and we hope you will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed doing it!

Mon February 18th


Richard Askam about prices · The Richard...

In this second episode on the new Richard Askam Channel, host Richard Askam talks about "the dirty subject of money," and as usual his thought-provoking statements make you think. "All I have is just an opinion," have almost become a payoff for Richard Askam but this film is great to watch. Great to learn from. And Great to share. Enjoy the Richard Askam Channel on INKISH.TV and start thinking!

Wed January 9th


Higher Profit on Low Margin Jobs · Steph...

No question that the printing industry continues to be under pressure. Prices are still dropping and the supply/demand is still not in balance, so to print and deliver even low margin jobs simply require automation. At the recent Workflow Summit 2018, we spoke to Head Of Strategic Alliances Stephan Reiter from OneVision about the challenges and the promises. Enjoy!

Mon November 5th


Tomorrow All Banks Will Close · Filippos...

Many printing companies were hit by the so-called financial crisis from 2008. People, workers, owners were hit because of how banks were abusing their strength in society and that has influenced a lot of people almost everywhere in the world. Most business owners think back on the crisis with remorse and quite a few also had to go through bankruptcies, mergers, acquisitions, and even things worse. As if this was bad enough, the story about the family-owned Greek company Tsolakas, tell us how bad it is for any company when banks are suddenly not there anymore. Imagine how you will operate your company tomorrow if you know you have money in the bank, but you can't use them. This story is a very open and honest description of​ what happened in 2015 for Fillippos Tsolakos and his company.

Sun November 18th


Educating Designers & Turning Waste ...

At the recent Scanpack exhibition in Gothenburg, we met with Managing DIrector Paul Hornby from Foilco. The UK-based foil producer tells us about their new environmental program. "The metalized foil itself is environmentally friendly but the polyester base delivering the foil isn't and since I want to my little contribution to a better environment, we collect the waste and use it for recycling - in our case cement." Paul Hornby also tells about the "Multiplicity" event where designers can learn how to use foils in their designs. Cool to talk to Paul - but listen for yourself :-)

Tue November 20th


Our Goal is to Convert Analog to Indigo ...

At Scanpack 2018 our friends from Visutech organized an interview with GM Alon Bar-Sharny from HP Indigo. In this open-minded interview, Alon Bar-Sharny shares his view on competition, toner vs Inkjet and other technologies, and why Israel is such an innovative place for printing equipment. Enjoy the 12 minutes interview and remember to like and share.

Sun December 2nd


Why Everybody Needs Automation · Toon Va...

Many believe automation is only for the bigger or for the few. In this interview, we asked Product Manager Toon Van Rossum from Enfocus why automation is something everybody should consider. We actually ask Toon Van Rossum the same question three times but in perspective; the small printing company, the medium size printing company and finally the large printing company and well - listen to Toon Van Rossum's answers and consider whether this applies to you and your printing company!

Mon November 26th


Richard Askam about Social Media · The R...

Richard Askam is a speaker, a writer, and a man with an opinion. Rather than blindly following the conventions Richard Askam question the things that we often take for granted. In a world that moves faster and faster, we tempt to forget the importance of in-depth insights and considerations and it even spread to the decisions in life that really matters - like how are we supposed to communicate with each other. Enjoy Richard Askam Channel on INKISH.TV and start thinking!

Tue December 4th


Driving The Sales By Educating · CEO Jan...

Jan-Olof Jungersten is the distributor of HP Graphic Arts equipment in his company Visutech, in the Nordic and he and his company recently celebrated their 30 years anniversary at Scanpack 2018. INKISH do not so often cover representatives but of course, we have exceptions. Jan-Olof Jungersten is not only the first Indigo channel in the world, but he is also an author. His third book 'Transmission - Transform the Packaging Industry' is about how he sees the changes in demand, changes in technology, and how we as a printing industry needs to adapt to the new order of the world. As he says "digital is not only about the machines​ but also about the mindset" (free from memory). So, in this INKISH film, he shares some of his visions, some speculations, some considerations put in Swedish perspective - and of course, considerations about both HP and the market in general. Enjoy!

Tue March 20th


INKISH.TV proudly presents: Kevin Goemin...

At the SpicyTalks18 in Amsterdam CEO Kevin Goeminne from Chili-Publish spoke with INKISH.TV about partnerships, the new Universal Graphics Engine (UGE) and how Chili-Publish looks ahead of a bright future for its products and services. Great conversation - thank you Kevin :-)

Fri June 8th


Profitable Print Relationships · Print C...

In this INKISH Conversations, we speak with Print Champion Matthew Parker from Profitable Print Relationships. Matthew Parker used to work as a print buyer in a larger publishing group and have gained much knowledge over a 15+ years professional life to buy print, and in his company and role as Print Champion, he lectured business owners, salespeople, and industry in the art of sales. His intense focus on hos printers can make more money selling print, how they should change the emphasize from price to value is stunningly great and so much aligned with the very reason for the existence of INKISH.TV. Enjoy this 30-minute 'conversations' with your Print Champion Matthew Parker.

Sun June 3rd


I can bring you nothing other than my op...

Richard Askam is an international speaker and recognized as one of the best speakers from Dscoop, Pure Digital, Argos Inspiration Days, TED, and many more. In this conversation INKISH editor Morten Reitoft speaks with Richard Askam about his business, why words matters and more. Great inspiration for business owners. Take a listen for about 20 minutes and learn.

Mon July 30th

En De Es

Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019 · Hans Gut ...

Hunkeler Innovationdays has become one of the leading industry events and in this episode, we talk to Hans Gut VP Marketing & Partnering from Hunkeler about the upcoming 2019 event.

Sun March 11th


INKISH.TV proudly presents: Hans Gut · V...

At the Argos Inspiration Days 2018 VP Marketing & Partnering Hans Gut from Hunkeler gave a speech about how Hunkeler sees the future in finishing and development of digital print.

Sat September 29th


INKISH.TV proudly presents: Deborah Corn...

Deborah Corn is a well-known person in the printing industry. At almost every event she appears with her iconic look and her sharp tongue. She is by far the person that has done most to get INKISH into especially the US-print industry, and we consider her a good friend. While we were working together on Project Peacock Peeks which very soon will be delivered to you (and it's cool), we got the chance to make this 'Conversations' with her. Like the other conversations we have done with people like Thayer Long, Wim Fransen, Richard Askam, Peter Ollén and many more - this is an almost un-edited conversation between Deborah Corn and editor Morten Reitoft. Enjoy.

Wed August 8th


All I say is just an opinion – The...

With the new Richard Askam Channel opinions will be said. Opinions about philosophy, business, marketing and who knows even some personal insights? The episodes will be published monthly, take about 10-12 minutes each and will end with a question. The question you should ask your colleagues, your customers, or even better - yourself. This is group therapy at a high level. Richard Askam is a keynote speaker, a writer and always ready to discuss. Not the types of discussions with conclusions or already established arguments - but more the kind of discussions that will leave both you and Richard open to any further discussion. This is what The Richard Askam Channel is all about. Be inspired, be generous, give back, be inspired, spread the word and let’s build a better print world. A better world can only be made if opinions are shared freely and open - and with the new Richard Askam channel all opinions matters - are you game?