Wed May 12th

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Canon Colorstream 8000 introduced by INK...

No doubt that almost all vendors in the digital print space have their eyes on the emerging inkjet market. Canon today introduces their new Colorstream 8000 inkjet printer that promises greater quality, greater productivity, and very fast at the same time. INKISH was invited together with the European media to a virtual presentation of the machine(s). We got the chance to talk to Cindy Schramm and Hans Schmidbauer after the presentation - and here we are. Great print samples and we hope you will enjoy the film!

Mon April 26th

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Changing Trends Moving to Mid-Web for In...

The packaging market continues to surprise new innovative solutions, new capabilities, and a changing trend towards a wider format. FlexoPrint in Randers, Denmark, is one of Denmark's leading flexo printing companies, serving customers in Scandinavia, Germany, and as CEO Lars Ole Nauta says, "Wherever there is an order, we try to get it." In this film, we get an insight into the recent investment of the Nilpeter FA 26" machine, which, according to Nauta, serves a gap in the market. FlexoPrints flexibility to serve fast is a KPI that will help to fill the machine with more jobs. Enjoy the film.

Fri March 5th

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New Taxonomy Initiative from PRINTING Un...

First, you may ask yourself what Taxonomy is? Second, you may ask yourself why this at all is important to you? PRINTING United Alliance in the US recently announced a new Taxonomy initiative that essentially will develop a new taxonomy paradigm for printed products, services, technologies - and the impact is vast. Taxonomy is used to build logical groups and entities known from how books in a library are organized. This is a VERY important initiative, and right after the announcement, we reached out to David Zwang and Marco Boer to hear more about the project and, of course, their views on the potential impact. Enjoy!

Fri February 26th

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Beltz Grafische Betriebe Invest in Digit...

In this film, Michael Tuchscher from Beltz Grafische Betriebe explains what considerations and why they ended up investing in a Hunkeler and HP-T-series solution. With the Hunkeler investment, Beltz can produce book blocks that can be handled in the company's binding department, and, well - judge for yourself - but it looks pretty cool! This film was made for our Learn With Us Inkjet series and is recorded remotely.

Fri February 26th

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Enfocus Switch enables Wihabo to Handle ...

In this film, Robert Zegwaard explains how they use Enfocus Switch as the totally indispensable tool for managing more than 1,000 daily orders. Requirements from customers, combined with the requirements for efficient production, are handled by Switch. Wihabo has used Switch for a long time, but with more than a hundred flows, and an increasing need for automation, Switch is an essential tool enabling its growth! Enjoy!

Fri February 26th

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Kyocera Customers more happy than what t...

Kyocera is, of course, a well-known name in the printing industry - but being a supplier of sheet-fed inkjet presses is relatively new. In this film, Marcel Ebbenhorst from Kyocera talks about the TASKalfa 15000 printer and why this is something a printing company should be looking into. The film was made as part of our Learn With Us Inkjet event, so recorded remotely - but still really interesting - dig in!

Fri February 26th

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The HP T-250 Exceeds my Expectations · S...

Solopress in the UK is in many ways a first-mover in the printing industry - and being the first HP T-250 Wide page customer in Europe, it's, of course, interesting to hear what Managing Director Simon Cooper has to say about the investment. Solopress is a commercial printing company, and with HP's new Brilliant Ink and highspeed inkjet, Solopress now takes a huge step in offering print that would have been printed on analog equipment in the past. Interesting times, ladies and gentlemen. This film was part of our Learn With Us Inkjet. Enjoy!

Fri February 26th

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Learn With Us · Steve Baker · Baker Labe...

Baker Labels is a sub-contractor of labels to other printers and print professionals in the UK and, of course, operates with a lot of different types of equipment. In our Learn With Us Inkjet sessions, he explains why the Screen Inkjet has earned its place in Baker Labels. Enjoy.

Fri February 26th

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Learn With Us · Ralf Bittighöfer · MyLab... is, as the name indicates, a German label company. In this film, CEO Ralf Bittighöfer talks about his company and his investment in the new Mouvent LB702-UV digital inkjet label press - and it's a good story to learn from. The high quality, the high speed (100 m pr. minutes), and the machine's flexibility are just a few of the KPIs Bittighöfer explains. This film was part of Learn With Us Inkjet event. It's in German, but with subtitles (as usual) in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch! Enjoy!

Fri February 26th

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SCREEN Truepress at MediaPrint · Tobias ...

Tobias Kaase is the CEO of MediaPrint in Germany. The print division is part of a publishing group but serves all types of customers - of course. In this film, which was part of our Learn With Us Inkjet event, Kaase explains why they chose to invest in Screen inkjet. As usual - enjoy!

Thu February 25th

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Vpress at the core of Route 1 Print

Route 1 print is an amazing printing company based in the UK. In this film, Sarah Kilcoyne-Guilliam explains what they do and, in particular to how they work and use Coreprint from Vpress. The film was shown during our Learn With Us – inkjet event.

Mon February 1st

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Speed, Quality, Secured with Innovative ...

One of the things we have found quite exciting in the global inkjet-journey is how the same printheads are utilized so differently with various vendors. Printheads are only one component in delivering a successful printing machine, and in this film, we talk to Head of Sales Erik Van Sloten about the Mouvent technology. The Mouvent UV-based machines use FujiFilm Samba printheads. Still, the BOBST company has developed inks, drivers, and maybe most importantly, built the printheads into a cluster configuration that ensures speed, quality, and a high degree of flexibility. Enjoy the film!

Mon January 4th

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Digital Enhancement with Scodix Extend O...

LamiFaktur is a quite unusual Scodix customer, but this is the story about the small sub-contractor LamiFaktur from Münster in Germany, who decided to step up from delivering only laminations also to offer digital enhancement options. Norbert Altevolmer and Yannick Altevolmer manage the family-owned company. Despite investing in the Scodix machines just months before the pandemic started, they can already see success and new opportunities for the company. Learn and enjoy!

Mon January 4th

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We Stock Base Models & Customize on...

Uffe Nielsen is the 2nd generation owner (now with more partners) of Grafisk Maskinfabrik or GM. GM delivers advanced finishing technology for the label and flexible industry and is recognized as being among the best in the world. With a combination of OEM products and the company's own brand - Uffe Nielsen, in this video, talk about the benefits of combining three locations into one. The company is scaling up these years and take advantage of mass-production. Uffe Nielsen explains that they produce base-models for stock, which quickly enable them to customize the machines to the customer's need when ordered! Great company. This is our second film from GM - where the first is about the company's story and background. Watch the first part by clicking this link:

Mon December 7th

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Industrial Scale Digital Print Enhanceme...

Made in Switzerland is highly relevant for the international print industry. With precision, passion, reliability, efficiency and a wealth of experience, not only very good print productions arise, but also innovative technologies. Jürgen Stocker, Head of Sales and Product Management at Steinemann DPE AG in the canton of St. Gallen, answered questions from Andreas Weber, CEO INKISH D-A-CH. It was about so-called "Enhanced Digital Print Solutions". This refers to possible innovative refinements for sheet-fed and reel-to-reel productions based on inkjet technologies. It is exciting to see what has happened here and where we are headed. By the way: Steinmann DPE AG has been part of the successful international enhancement specialist Leonhard Kurz Stiftung, based in Fürth, Germany, since 2019. --- Made in Switzerland ist für die internationale Printbranche eine gesetzte Größe. Mit Präzision, Leidenschaft, Zuverlässigkeit, Effizienz und reicher Erfahrung entstehen nicht nur sehr gute Print-Produktionen, sondern auch innovative Technologien. Jürgen Stocker, Head of Sales and Produkt Management bei Steinemann DPE AG im Kanton St. Gallen, stand Andreas Weber, CEO INKISH D-A-CH Rede und Antwort. Es ging um sogenannte „Enhanced Digital Print Solutions“. Gemeint sind damit auf Basis von Inkjet-Technologien mögliche innovative Veredelungen für Sheet-Fed- und Reel-to-Reel-Produktionen. Spannend, was sich hier getan hat und wohin der Weg geht. Übrigens: Steinmann DPE AG gehört seit 2019 zum internationalen erfolgreichen Veredelungsspezialisten Leonhard Kurz Stiftung mit Sitz in Fürth, Deutschland. LinkedIn Profile:

Mon November 16th

MGI AlphaJet elevate Memjet Technology t...

Imagine a digital printing machine that gives you fantastic print quality. Combine this with renowned digital enhance-quality, add digital hot-foil, and voila - here is the new MGI AlphaJet. AlphaJet has been under development for eight years, and development-cost a double-digit euro-amount, and here it suddenly is. INKISH was invited to an exclusive preview of the AlphaJet - and in this film, we will show you some of the new technologies introduced. According to Victor Abergel, the AlphaJet has cracked the code to provide water-based inkjet on a wider range of substrates than most others. The paper is printed flat on a new transportation technology developed and patented by MGI. To keep the substrate stable during the entire process, printing takes place on top of 8 tons of granite. The machine is huge, and so is the interest. MGI AlphaJet uses Memjet print heads, and for Memjet, this is the first time the company's technology is utilized in a machine this size. But watch, rather than read - we are certain that you will like what you see!

Wed July 1st


Textile Print in the Center of the Mega-...

Kornit is one of the leading suppliers of DTF and DTG. In this film, which we did in Israel (as you can see from the drone shots in the beginning), we talked to VP & General Manager, Direct to Fabric, Danny Gazit, about how this at all is possible. But see and listen for yourself. Great insights!

Thu June 4th


HP Indigo 100K Installed With Bennett Gr...

Bennett Graphics is absolutely one of the more amazing printing companies we have visited. Not only is it a family-owned printing company, but it also prides itself with hundreds of awards and prizes for being the best printer. The awards come from hard work and dedication, as well as the will and ability to invest in the newest and latest technology. You see the newest Scodix, Highcon, and HP equipment along with offset presses and binding equipment. Great company, great people - and this film were made in a very special way. More about that on INKISH.NEWS. Thanks to Adair Hall and Adam Seiz for making this together!

Thu April 23rd

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Leading the Way to a Sustainable Textile...

Though Kornit is a twenty years old company, the company has over the past years got more attention than before. One of the reason is their amazing Direct to Fabric machines, that enable digital print directly on a long-range of types of textiles. This does not only lead to considerably faster turn-around time, but also to way more sustainable fabrics. In this INKISH interview VP & General Manager, Direct to Fabric, Danny Gazit gives us a tour in the factory, in the showroom, and openly explains why Kornit for sure seems to be on the right track. Amazing technology and a great company to visit.

Sat February 8th


Sometimes so Liberating Getting Back to ...

At the Think Smart Factory Event in Kyoto, we found this presentation of a simple-to-use screen printing solution - also produced by Horizon. Everybody talks about highly technical solutions and the move to digital print. Still, for hobbyists and for small shops, the basic investment and the time to produce a garment with print isn't high or time-consuming. This film also shows the craftsmanship that is the foundation of many of the products we produce. We like this short video showing t-shirt print 100% analogue.

Mon January 20th


Think Smart Factory · Canon to Horizon e...

In this film, Yui Kawano from Canon Marketing shows an end-to-end solution together with Yasuo Taketsugu from Horizon International. This is a brilliant example of how workflow & automation enable printers to automate the entire print and binding process. This film also shows the amazing power behind JDF, where not only files but also production data is delivered directly from an MIS system. The entire production workflow is managed in the JDF and setup printer as well as the binder.

Wed December 11th


Screening Technology hasn’t change...

One of the more exciting companies we have met is for sure Hamillroad Software from the UK. We have mentioned the company on several occasions on INKISH. In this film, we talk to Owner & CEO Andy Cave about their amazing screening technology. The technology is called DMS - short for Digitally Modulated Screening, and no - it's not AM, FM, Stochastic or like anything you know. The most amazing thing with DMS is that quality is stunning and at the same time printers can save ink. Actually, Hamillroad Software and Andy Cave is so confident in their offering that pricing is based on the ink-savings. Watch, Like, and Share this film - we LIKE it a lot!

Mon December 2nd

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Deathtech for Undertakers · Mike Grehan ...

Mike Grehan got a great idea when he met CHILI publish at drupa 2016. With a background in the funeral industry, he saw a gigantic potential in making coffins out of paper/board, and an even larger potential with personalized print on coffins. When we met him at SPICYtalks 19 in Berlin - ironically in a crematorium turned into a cultural venue, we got the chance to do this interview with him. This interview clearly shows a couple of interesting things - first; We don't think any at CHILI publish ever considered that CHILI Publisher could be used to make personalized coffins. Second, this clearly shows that paper and printing technology still can be used to invent new solutions, and in this incident also turning something like wooden coffins into an environmentally friendly solution. Rest in peace and enjoy!

Tue November 5th

Automation & Awards · Adam Seiz · D...

Once in a while, you meet printing companies that stand out from the crowd, and one of them is for sure Bennett Graphics in Atlanta, GA. The printing company is a family-owned company, and the first things that strike you when you enter the building are the awards. Every wall is covered with awards recognizing Bennett Graphics for its excellence in printing. That established the next thing is what makes the company stand out. The litho printing machine? No. The Scodix? No. The Highcon? No. HP Indigos? No. Since we are sponsored by Enfocus to talk with Adam Seiz about Enfocus Switch, of course, this is part of the success, but the people are the real differentiators. So when you meet dedication and a commitment on all levels, you understand how technology is used to utilize the work, the quality, the awards, and the special touch that makes Bennett Graphics not just famous in Georgia, but among customers in the entire US. In this film, we do, however, focus on workflow and automation, and Bennett Graphics is a transformation process moving from analogue to digital. One thing is the production. But the entire workflow where Enfocus Switch is used to connect the web-store-fronts to the production workflow, to the two-ways integration to the Tharstern MIS system, and to how the company also uses Switch to increase the productivity internally in sales/estimation/production. Adam Seiz is certain that Enfocus Switch is one of the technical key-elements in the success of Bennett Graphics, and when said by Adam Seiz, we believe him. Watch this - in our opinion - brilliant video from Atlanta. We are sure you can learn from it.