Fri November 18th


Is Marketing Important? · Danny Mertens ...

Danny Mertens is the Corporate Communications Manager for Xeikon. In a short moment between other things, Editor Morten B. Reitoft got the chance to talk to Danny Mertens about marketing and the importance of digital. Enjoy!

Tue September 20th


Karstedt & Partners acquired by Key...

At the LabelExpo-Americas show, we got the chance to talk to CEO Kevin Karstedt from Karstedt & Partners, who today, Tuesday, September 20th, announced the company's acquisition by Keypoint Intelligence. Kevin Karstedt is well-known for the company's 20+ years of experience in packaging, and with his experience, he and his partner Jeff will be leading the packaging division at KPI. Super cool to meet Kevin Karstedt, and I am sure you will like the interview.

Mon October 25th


Less Waste, New Materials, Sustainable F...

BOBST is focusing on less waste, new materials, and a sustainable future. In this film, BOBST Groups, Francois Martin takes us through some of the agendas that in the companies mind will take BOBST to the next level! In this film, you will get an insight like not seen before - at least not through the eyes of INKISH. We love the openness that more and more vendors have, and we totally believe in this agenda. Dig into this film and enjoy! LinkedIn profile

Tue May 4th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

Digital Transformation · Thomas Goecke ·...

Digital Transformation is a commonly used buzzword that many people maybe don't understand the consequences of. Though the interpretations are widely discussed, nobody questions the importance. There is a tendency that new, young and innovative companies seem to have a 'patent' on digital transformation. In this film, we talk to Head Of Digital Business Transformation / Digitalization Thomas Goecke from Koenig & Bauer, responsible for the company's digital transformation. What does it mean, what is the impact, and will it bring people closer to each other? I must admit that I am thrilled with this interview, where Thomas Goecke openly shares his thoughts and considerations.

Mon June 1st



Ladies and Gentleman… #thankaprinter Please use the hashtag when sharing. Print Long and Prosper! And when the virus came, people turned to their leaders and their community and said: “We need to keep our families and our loved ones safe. We need to know how. We need somebody willing to get up at dawn in the cold, in the rain, in the blistering heat and open their doors so we may keep ours closed. Somebody who will work tirelessly, with ink-stained clothes and calloused hands to fire up the presses, to feed the paper, to fold and score and distribute hope.” So they called a Printer. And when supplies ran low, when our heath care heroes on the front-lines desperately needed protection, Printers forged facemasks, face shields and partitions and answered the call of their nations to help their citizens heal. They answered by reinventing and retooling and constructing 3D printed parts for respirators, breathing life into patients and hospitals and communities suffocating without . They answered the call to transform children and parents into students and teachers, and kitchen tables into classrooms … and cathedrals. They made the signs, the clings and the decals to arm their communities in the fight to stay open and distanced and educated. They sent the mail that delivered checks that kept food on the table and lights overhead, and protected packaged goods on the shelves in storerooms and backrooms and pantries. They worked in split shifts to keep us safe from harm while struggling to keep their doors open, not once asking for anything in return. When we look back, when we have distanced ourselves from this moment in time and are reunited with each other, let’s not forget to remember who stood, fearless, at the gate, and said this community, this family, this business won’t go down on my watch. Let us not forget to Thank a Printer. Written by Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr. Produced by INKISH and PrintMediaCentr. Video editing by Jan Majnik · INKISH

Tue June 25th

Increased Margins With Digital Enhanceme...

Digital Enhancement experience a massive interest from printing companies all over the world - and within just a few weeks we have talked to three owners of three very different printing companies, and all underscore that digital enhancement is both worth the investment - but also an investment that attracts new clients. In this film, we are visiting NINO Druck from Neustadt an der Weinstraße in Germany. The printing company offer both digital- and offset printing, in-house binding, and enhancement - and the quality of the products you see here are just stunning. I wish we could show and tell you more about some of the products they showed while being there, but customers always have to be respected - and this time - you have to take our word for it. NINO Druck uses their Scodix for both offset- as well as digitally printed sheets and the combination of digital foil, raised inks make the print look great! NINO Druck uses Heidelberg and HP Indigo equipment, but you also find flat binding finishing from Imaging Solutions and case binding, sewing from Meccanotecnica, and more - just excellent. As usual, watch, listen, and learn. Marcus Kalle and his team is an excellent example of why investments in new technology often make you stand out and can remain both profitable and innovative.

Fri June 21st


Some Segments in the Printing Industry A...

EFI is one of the largest software companies in the printing industry - and of course, also delivering some of the most recognized printers as well. At the recent Inkjet Update Conference in Denmark, Christian Schowalter, who is the Director, Fiery Market Segment Management gave an excellent speech about Inkjet, workflow/automation and how EFI contributes to the problem-solving. We spoke with Christian Schowalter after his presentation, and here it is. Enjoy!

Sun June 16th


New Jersey-based​ Command Digital Contin...

Back in March (2019) we covered Deborah Corn's Project Peacock Print Fair and reached out to our network to see if we could find a printing company interested in talking to us while being in the area. Fortunately for us – and our audience – we got in contact with 'Command Digital' in New Jersey and made this fantastic film from there. 'Command Digital' is a division of the 'Command Companies' who produce books in both digital and analog plus printing of Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, and financial services. In this film, both President Nicholas Brusco and Executive Vice President Dale Williams talk about their company, and the services they offer. This is one of our BEST films, and we are very proud of both the story as well as what our recent investments in equipment achieve.   Subtitled versions: Chinese German Hindi Italian Russian Spanish

Mon February 11th


When ‘Super Size’ automation...

Automation is a big business. No question about that and every time we publish films or articles about workflow automation view numbers are higher. Most of the films we have done are about vendors talking about the advantages but at the 'Automatiserings" conference held by the federation of printers in Denmark in collaboration with Medit Consult, one of the speakers was our favorite go-to-workflow-person in the printing industry Diego Diaz. With a humble approach, he told the story about being the small printer seeing the need for automation to being a Solution Architect for one of the more exciting printing companies in the US - The Bernard Group. In this interview, Diego Diaz talks about the need for automation and why all printing companies regardless of size need to have automation. He gives plenty of examples of workflow solutions companies may already have, but not using. We love listening to Diego Diaz and when you have been at his amazing printing company you know this is not only talking​ but extremely substantial knowledge that Diego Diaz always willingly share with everyone interested! Watch, Like, and Share!