Sat September 24th


INKISH.TV proudly presents: Nils Petter ...

Nils Petter Nordskar gave a brilliant presentation at the annual meeting in Trondheim, Norway for the federation of Norwegian printers. He spoke clearly about how to get results and most important that the printing industry has a HUGE undiscovered potential.

Tue October 4th


INKISH.TV Proudly presents: CEO Jørgen B...

Most people believe that Amazon is the one and only online shop, when it comes to sales of books, but in Denmark - SAXO.COM is actually the most successful online book store and in this INKISH episode the founder and CEO Jørgen Balle Olesen gives some of his insights in an open and honest interview. SAXO.COM is in a process developing from being a bookstore online to be a platform bringing authors and readers together and the CEO also explains about his vision for expansion. For the printing industry one of his important statements is his belief in the paper based book. Listen and learn!

Wed October 5th

Grafkom I/O 2016 teaser

November 8-9/2016 GRAFKOM I/O 2016 in Norrköping, Sweden. INKISH.TV will cover this extremely exciting event and if you have the opportunity you should go. GRAFKOM is about sharing information and at this years event you will find speakers, vendors and have a fantastic opportunity to network with hundreds of business leaders. Find more information at: http://www.grafkom.se/io/

Thu October 6th

Sign&Print 2017 Stockholm, Sweden

Sign & Print in Stockholm is THE leading industry event in Scandinavia and with more than 3.600 expected visitors, exhibitors will for sure be able to present great solutions for the printing industry. INKISH.TV will of course cover the event. Here is the teaser for the event. Please register your interest at www.signochprint.se

Fri October 7th

Marketing Workshop with Nils Petter Nord...

INKISH.TV made an interview with Nils Petter Nordskar at the annual meeting in Trondheim in September - an interesting interview, claiming that the printing industry have a great potential selling more.. The Norwegian Federation of Printers is now inviting their members for a two day seminar. We have made a small teaser for the event. Enjoy and click link below to get more to know! https://www.norskindustri.no/Bransjer/Grafisk/AKTUELLE-SAKER/lag-din-egen-markedsforingsplan/

Mon October 17th


INKISH.TV Proudly Presents: Who Makes Mo...

CEO Ravindra Parasnis from Swedish Graphic Companies' Federation have together with Bisnode made a comprehensive survey about who makes money in the printing industry. This episode gives you a lot of answers and interesting views, that can help you, inspire you and make your business stronger and better.

Mon October 24th



INKISH.TV participated in International Print Day 2016 by sending live every hour during the day - October 19th. We have made a shorter edit of the 1.4 hour footage - so if you would like to spent 14 minutes with our editor Morten Reitoft, please enjoy :-)

Tue October 25th

INKISH.TV Proudly Presents: Postcard fro...

INKISH.TV covered GraphExpo for the first time held in Orlando, Florida, USA. It was a really cool event and here we give you a small postcard from the event. During the next weeks we will give you a lot of interviews from the event. Stay tuned.

Mon October 31st


INKISH.TV Proudly Presents: Sign & P...

Sign & Print is the leading exhibition for the printing industry in Scandinavia - and though these exhibitions are small compared to DRUPA, GraphExpo and other international exhibitions, these exhibitions can do things, that the large ones can't. The Sign & Print exhibition in Oslo has been recognised by both visitors and exhibitors, by it's high quality of visitors, exhibitors, service around the show. The Exhibition also has a range of speakers teaching the visitors everything from InDesign to sharing success stories in the market. INKISH.TV enjoyed the Sign & Print show in Oslo - nice people, warm atmosphere and a great potential for all participants.

Mon November 7th


INKISH.TV Proudly Presents: Annual Meeti...

A couple of months ago INKISH.TV was invited to Trondheim to participate in the annual meeting arranged by the Norwegian Federation of Printers. The event was a three day event, combining professional and social activities. Speakers from all over Norway came and made the days extremely interesting. On the second day we were also invited to see a great packaging printer 'Eskefabrikken' which was a stunning experience. The speakers were well prepared and we believe that the leaders of the industry took inspiration with them, back home.

Wed November 9th

Sign&Print 2017 – Stockholm

Counting down to the leading Scandinavian industry event - Sign & Print 2017. The event takes place in Kista Mässan in Stockholm from February 7th till February 9th - both days included. We at INKISH.TV will, of course, cover the exhibition, so stay tuned for insights and interviews·

Mon November 14th

Sign & Print Stockholm 2017 – ...

Scandinavias leading exhibition February 2017. We look SO much forward to cover the exhibition. We have made this small teaser - we hope you like it.

Wed November 16th


INKISH.TV proudly presents: Grafkom I/O ...

Once again Grafkom I/O was fantastic. The bi-annual event, simply gives inspiration by offering the audience great speeches about content that matters. The network is obviously equally important. We at INKISH.TV is so proud, that we have this small opportunity to share and spread the words about this conference. As mentioned before - wish all countries had their Grafkoms. Watch this episode and listen to the two exciting interviews with Maria Westman from Brand New Communication and Thomas Petersson, Chairman of the Board in MIS provider Omikai.

Mon December 12th


INKISH.TV Proudly Presents: CEO Brett He...

At Graph Expo 2014 I first met Brett Heap from Opensoft or to be more precise I met him at a booth at Graph Expo presenting Scissorhands. It took a little while to understand exactly what Scissorhands as, but nice scissor girls - inspired from the film Edward Scissorhand, the young girls were dressed with scissor hands and made an appearance that at least would catch attention. Scissorhands is a software/hardware plugin that enables cutters to operate smarter, faster and extremely more simple. We at INKISH.TV have been fans of Scissorhands since then and have spoken about them at every given opportunity - finally we got time with Brett Heap at the recent GraphExpo, where he explains about this REALLY great and cool product.

Tue December 20th


INKISH.TV Proudly Presents: Frank Romano

No other person has been so deeply involved in the printing industry as Professor Emeritus at Rochester Institute of Technology, Frank Romano. 59 books and active since 1959. Remarkable fresh ideas in his approach to modern times challenges. We at INKISH.TV really appreciate that Frank Romano took time to talk to us at GraphExpo 2016.

Sun January 1st


INKISH.TV Proudly presents: Pat McGrew ·...

At the recent GraphExpo we've got the opportunity to talk to a dear friend of INKISH.TV - Pat McGrew. We first met her (she didn't know) at GraphExpo, when she was awarded the Girlie Award, second time was at GrafKom in Sweden and finally, we got a chance to meet with her. Pat McGrew is now with Keypoint Intelligence (previously known as InfoTrends) and responsible for workflows. Really cool and great to know her. See the episode and as usual, please watch, like and share...

Mon January 9th


INKISH.TV Proudly presents: Andrzey Heeb...

At DRUPA 2016 we found this VERY interesting booth, representing Imaging Solutions from Switzerland. The company produce equipment for making stunning photo products and lay flat photo books. We got an interview with Andrzey Heeb. He was Head of Marketing and Communication while we spoke to him at DRUPA. Today he has got a new job, but that doesn't change that Imaging Solution produces GREAT products. Take a look and listen. Now marketing has been taken over by Bettina Stillich.

Mon July 24th


60-seconds Web-to-Print: Frank Siegel · ...

Please welcome Frank Siegel from Obility in this 60-seconds Web-to-Print episode. At DRUPA 2016 we asked web-to-print exhibitors from Hall 7 to give 60-seconds good reasons why to choose their solution.

Wed July 12th


60-seconds Web-to-Print: André Hausmann ...

In our 60-seconds Web-to-Print series INKISH.TV proudly presents André Hausmann from German web-to-print supplier LeadPrint. Germany is maybe one of the leading countries when it comes to web-to-print and André Hausmann here explains why you choose LeadPrint as you future solution. On the client list, you find prominent clients like AirBus and a whole lot of more well-known names.

Tue July 11th


60-seconds Web-to-Print: Steve Ciesemier...

At DRUPA we asked web-to-print exhibitors in Hall 8A to tell in 60-seconds why to choose their specific web-to-print solution - In the following weeks, you will see for yourself. This episode is with Steve Ciesemeir from Aleyant Systems - maybe best know from Pressero.

Mon July 10th


60-seconds web-to-print · John Weissberg...

At DRUPA we asked web-to-print exhibitors in Hall 8A to tell in 60-seconds why to choose their specific web-to-print solution - In the following weeks, you will see for yourself. This episode is with John Weissberg from Print Science.

Sun July 9th


60-seconds web-to-print · Igor Kluz · Ke...

At DRUPA we asked web-to-print exhibitors in Hall 8A to tell in 60-seconds why to choose their specific web-to-print solution - In the following weeks, you will see for yourself. The first episode is with Igor Kluz from Key2Print.

Wed February 22nd


INKISH.TV Proudly presents: Vice Preside...

Enfocus is one our favorite companies in the printing industry - inventing great software products, that enable printers to be more effective and more productive. At GraphExpo we had the opportunity (once again) to talk to Vice President Fabian Prudhomme. Automation is still key for Enfocus and with the Switch App Store introduced at Drupa, both Enfocus and third-party vendors will be able to add functionality to Switch and the customer's workflow. A new feature soon available is PDF proofing - really cool, but see for yourself.

Wed January 18th


INKISH.TV Proudly presents: John Mullins...

Please welcome John Mullins who we have met several times at various exhibitions - mostly in the US - but John Mullins and PrintVis continues to market and present their MIS system, that is built into Microsoft NAV. Previously PrintVis has been more for the bigger guys in our industry, but with Office 365 integration AND Cloud solutions, maybe it is time to look at what they offer. Here John Mullins speaks about the latest release.