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Mon June 14th


Web To Print – do I need one? · Da...

Web to print is a hot topic and can be a game changer to the graphic arts industry. In this episode we address some of the major questions, such as; Is it just a hype?, Who it is for?, and why it is NOT “just another” sales channel… www.fourpees.com David van Driessche https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidvandriessche/ More output, less hassle Helping print operations succeed by implementing hassle-free automation. For more than a decade now, Four Pees nv provides solutions that streamline entire print and packaging productions all across the globe. They have sales operations in Belgium, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom and France and also rely on a network of 40+ partners worldwide to give the customer the best service possible. Four Pees was founded in 2007 in the city of Ghent in Belgium. Main goal: automation that flows smoothly. Automation that not only makes work easier but also helps companies thrive. In short: hassle-free solutions to headache-inducing operational challenges. Some facts: 200+ implementations 14 years of experience 40+ tech partners 4,000 recurring customers CEO, Tom Peire CTO, David van Driessche Marketing, Sam Claeys

Tue June 8th

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One Year Into the Pandemic · Jon Bailey ...

In this INKISH film COO Jon Bailey from 'Precision Proco Group' talks about how the group was founded literally moments before the total lockdown last year. The advantages of working together and create a printing group with similar values and value propositions being the foundation for future growth. This is an exciting story, so see it before your neighbour.

Mon May 17th

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Growing Towards more and more Digital · ...

Not many years luxury labels weren't exactly what you expected with digital - but the combination of HP Indigo and the KURZ DM-Jetliner seems to be a real game-changer. In this film, we talk to Managing Director David Richards from Amberley Labels. He appraises the opportunities - so if you are interested in new technology, labels, and how to add value to your label production - this is a good starting point. Enjoy!

Wed May 12th

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Canon Colorstream 8000 introduced by INK...

No doubt that almost all vendors in the digital print space have their eyes on the emerging inkjet market. Canon today introduces their new Colorstream 8000 inkjet printer that promises greater quality, greater productivity, and very fast at the same time. INKISH was invited together with the European media to a virtual presentation of the machine(s). We got the chance to talk to Cindy Schramm and Hans Schmidbauer after the presentation - and here we are. Great print samples and we hope you will enjoy the film!

Sat May 8th

Kodak Process-Free Plates Saves the Envi...

Jeff Zellmer is the VP of Global Sales at Eastman Kodak Company and has been part of the transformation process Kodak is going through for two years. About two weeks ago, Jeff Zellmer posted a LinkedIn post about how much a printing company could save the environment using process-free plates - and that caught our attention - and here we are. Jeff Zellmer instantly agreed to talk to INKISH, and we believe you get good information from watching this episode - so please enjoy!

Sun February 28th

Julie Watson · Over The Skype · Ultimate...

Your humble editor was late for this interview, but despite that, this conversation with CEO Julie Watson from Ultimate TechnoGraphics was really GREAT. The Canadian-based company, founded in 1989, is the developer behind the widely used software Impostrip. In this 'Over The Skype' session, CEO Julie Watson and editor Morten Reitoft speak about the newly released update of Impostrip, APIs, workflow/automation, the industry, and of course, where Julie Watson sees the future for her company. Great session - enjoy!

Fri February 26th

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Learn With Us · Steve Baker · Baker Labe...

Baker Labels is a sub-contractor of labels to other printers and print professionals in the UK and, of course, operates with a lot of different types of equipment. In our Learn With Us Inkjet sessions, he explains why the Screen Inkjet has earned its place in Baker Labels. Enjoy.

Fri February 26th

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Learn With Us · Ralf Bittighöfer · MyLab...

MyLabel.de is, as the name indicates, a German label company. In this film, CEO Ralf Bittighöfer talks about his company and his investment in the new Mouvent LB702-UV digital inkjet label press - and it's a good story to learn from. The high quality, the high speed (100 m pr. minutes), and the machine's flexibility are just a few of the KPIs Bittighöfer explains. This film was part of Learn With Us Inkjet event. It's in German, but with subtitles (as usual) in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch! Enjoy!

Fri February 26th

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SCREEN Truepress at MediaPrint · Tobias ...

Tobias Kaase is the CEO of MediaPrint in Germany. The print division is part of a publishing group but serves all types of customers - of course. In this film, which was part of our Learn With Us Inkjet event, Kaase explains why they chose to invest in Screen inkjet. As usual - enjoy!

Thu February 4th

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The Vacuum After a Lifetime with HP Indi...

Alon Bar-Shany has by all means been one of the most influential persons in the global printing industry in his role with HP Indigo for more than 25 years. It was a surprise to most when he left HP, and becoming Chairman of the Board for Highcon was equally a surprise, we believe! Bar-Shany talks about everything from vacuum, suits, music, and being an entrepreneur in this session. We are sure you will like this conversation! We apologize for the video quality; Alon Bar-Shany has promised to give us a new interview next time we meet in person!

Mon January 4th

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Digital Enhancement with Scodix Extend O...

LamiFaktur is a quite unusual Scodix customer, but this is the story about the small sub-contractor LamiFaktur from Münster in Germany, who decided to step up from delivering only laminations also to offer digital enhancement options. Norbert Altevolmer and Yannick Altevolmer manage the family-owned company. Despite investing in the Scodix machines just months before the pandemic started, they can already see success and new opportunities for the company. Learn and enjoy!

Wed December 30th


Mergers & Acquisitions · Kenneth St...

With more than a billion dollars in M&As, Kenneth Stack knows his business - and again, we have been so fortunate to find an M&A specialist that has deep roots in the printing industry as well. Kenneth Stack has worked with Kodak, and more recently President for Jetrion, which he sold to EFI - and continued working for EFI. Since 2011 Kenneth Stack has operated his own "small boutique," focusing on M&As for both buyers and sellers. This session gives you a GREAT insight into strategic acquisitions. GREAT session. I hope you enjoy watching as much as Ken and I enjoyed doing this!

Fri December 25th


Mergers & Acquisitions · Sean Cavan...

In this Holiday Special, we talk to Sean Cavanagh, Author and Managing Director of First Servant Capital Corporation - an M&A specialist company. In this almost hour-long conversation, we talk about the process, the valuation, expectations, and how you can maximize your selling price. Sean Cavanagh is a great inspiration. He has been part of numerous acquisitions in the printing industry. With a father who used to be a printer, Sean Cavanagh knows everything worth knowing about M&As but also understands the printing industry. Enjoy this session! GET the book YBAWS that Sean Refers to here: https://www.amazon.com/YBAWS-Think-Company-Valuable-Worth-ebook/dp/B01KRDH6GU/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=sean+cavanagh&qid=1608894555&sr=8-5

Sun December 6th


Web-to-print is more than www presented ...

Most printing companies think of web-to-print as the vista prints, the online printing companies, etc. Web-to-Print is way more, and entirely new ways to do business online promise this session by Editor Morten B. Reitoft from INKISH.

Tue November 24th

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Down to the Copy of One · Volker Leonhar...

The printing industry is all too measured by the developments in printing technology. Ultimately, however, postpress determines the quality, quality and effectiveness of a print production. All the more exciting the Over the Skype conversation between Volker Leonhardt, President and Member of the Board, Müller Martini AG, with Andreas Weber, CEO INKISH D-A-CH. From the provider of mass production solutions i. e. in the newspaper sector, the solution provider based in Zofingen, Switzerland, has become a top player in on-demand and short run productions. Target markets range from on-demand productions to the manufacture of digitally printed books. Made in Switzerland is becoming a quality mark all over the world. What sounds like squaring the circle is explained by Volker Leonhardt as a logical consequence of turning to Industry 4.0. The digital know-how is used in new, ultimate solutions and in the handling of services and spare parts delivery. --- Die Druckbranche misst sich all zu sehr an den Entwicklungen in der Drucktechnik. Doch letztlich bestimmt die Weiterverarbeitung die Güte, Qualität und Wirkungsweise einer Druckproduktion. Umso spannender die Over the Skype-Konversation von Volker Leonhardt, President and Member of the Board, Müller Martini AG, mit Andreas Weber, CEO INKISH D-A-CH. Vom Anbieter von auf Massenproduktion ausgelegten Lösungen v. a. im Zeitungsbereich hat sich der in Zofingen, Schweiz, beheimatete Lösungsbieter zum Top-Player bei On-Demand und Short Run-Produktionen. Zielmärkte sind anspruchsvolle Produktionen bis bin zum Fertigen von Büchern. Made in Switzerland wird zum Gütezeichen in aller Welt. Was wie die Quadratur des Kreises klingt, erläutert Volker Leonhardt als logische Konsequenz in der Hinwendung zu Industrie 4.0. Das Digital-Knowhow findet Anwendung bei neuen, ultimativen Produkten/Lösungen und im Handling der Services und Ersatzteillieferung. LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/volker-leonhardt-5b887419/

Mon November 16th

MGI AlphaJet elevate Memjet Technology t...

Imagine a digital printing machine that gives you fantastic print quality. Combine this with renowned digital enhance-quality, add digital hot-foil, and voila - here is the new MGI AlphaJet. AlphaJet has been under development for eight years, and development-cost a double-digit euro-amount, and here it suddenly is. INKISH was invited to an exclusive preview of the AlphaJet - and in this film, we will show you some of the new technologies introduced. According to Victor Abergel, the AlphaJet has cracked the code to provide water-based inkjet on a wider range of substrates than most others. The paper is printed flat on a new transportation technology developed and patented by MGI. To keep the substrate stable during the entire process, printing takes place on top of 8 tons of granite. The machine is huge, and so is the interest. MGI AlphaJet uses Memjet print heads, and for Memjet, this is the first time the company's technology is utilized in a machine this size. But watch, rather than read - we are certain that you will like what you see!

Thu November 12th

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OMIKAI has become a Growth-Enabler for T...

Subtitled Swedish language: Tellogruppen is a successful fullservice commercial print company based in the city of Söderköping with offices on 4 locations in eastern Sweden. In 2019 Tellotryck acquired Norrköpings tryckeri and are preparing for continued growth. IT and the overall digital transformation is something the company has realised they must use better and be part of if to to reach their long term goals. In this film the CEO Fillip Ringqvist gives a short background of the company, how they work and why their IT and ERP-system are increasingly important for the future. Tellogruppen är ett framgångsrikt fullservicetryckeri med huvudkontor i Söderköping och med verksamhet/kontor  i Norrköping, Västervik och Stockholm. 2019 förvärvades Norrköpings tryckeri och nu satsar företaget på fortsatt tillväxt.  IT och det generella digitala transformation är något företaget inser är av högsta vikt att använda och dra nytta i sin framtidsresa. I denna film berättar Tellogruppens VD Fillip (Fille) Ringqvist om företagets historia, hur de arbetar och varför IT och affärssystemet har högsta prioritet för att klara framtida tillväxtmål.

Wed September 2nd


Koenig & Bauer with Strong Confiden...

No question that the COVID-19 has influenced all companies in the global printing industry, but Koenig & Bauer has, despite a lower order intake, a strong belief in the future. In this Conversation, Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed CEO, Ralf Sammeck, shares his views on where he sees his company in the future.

Mon June 15th


Thomas Heininger · Over The Skype · MBO...

Over the Skype with Thomas Heininger, CEO, MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH During the current Over the Skype conversation by Andreas Weber, CEO / Country Manager INKISH D-A-CH, the focus is on a special and elementarily important topic that is usually dealt with in passing: postures solutions. Thomas Heininger, CEO of MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH, which has recently become part of the KOMORI family, answers questions in a fantastic way and shred cool insights. It can be seen that many discussions in the print industry are overlaid by COVID-19, by the lockdown and crisis mood scenarios. However, there is a spirit of optimism and confidence at MBO. Because the closing for the takeover of MBO by KOMORI Corporation has been successfully completed since May 1, 2020. And shows success straight away. If you dive deeper into the subject, you can see that topics such as IoT, automation, networking and connectivity are top priorities at MBO and KOMORI. True to the motto: what comes to the end (in the production chain) can be at the forefront. Driven by digitalization. A really exciting and insightful conversation. Erratum: In the live conversation, Thomas Heininger said that 48 data managers were on the market; the number he mentioned was a mix-up with another MBO product. Note: As with all of our “Over the Skype” interviews, the picture / sound quality is based on the available bandwidth and the respective web cams as well as the possibility to literally conduct the conversations LIVE. Despite everything, it works amazingly well and with Over the Skype we have brought together far more than 60 special personalities so far and give insights into the industry as it currently is. Enjoy! Over the Skype mit Thomas Heininger, CEO, MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH ---- Heute rückt beim Over the Skype Gespräch von Andreas Weber, CEO/Country Manager INKISH D-A-CH, ein besonderes und elementar wichtiges Thema in den Fokus, das normalerweise eher am Rande behandelt wird: Die Weiterverarbeitung. Thomas Heininger, CEO der MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH, die seit neuestem Teil der KOMORI-Familie geworden ist, steht Rede und Antwort. Es zeigt sich: Viele Diskussionen in der Print-Branche sind von COVID-19 überlagert, vom Lockdown und Krisen-Stimmungs-Szenarien. Bei MBO herrscht aber Aufbruchstimmung. Denn das Closing zur Übernahme von MBO durch KOMORI Corporation ist seit 1. Mai 2020 erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Und zeigt auf Anhieb Erfolge. Taucht man tiefer ein in die Materie, zeigt sich, dass Themen wie IoT, Automatisierung, Vernetzung und Konnektivität bei MBO und KOMORI ganz oben stehen. Getreu der Devise: Was (in der Produktionskette) zum Schluss kommt, kann ganz vorne sein. Getrieben durch die Digitalisierung. Ein wirklich spannendes und aufschlussreiches Gespräch. Erratum: Im Live-Gespräch sagte Thomas Heininger, dass 48 Data Manager im Markt wären; die von ihm genannte Zahl war eine Verwechslung mit einem anderen MBO Produkt. Hinweis: Wie bei allen unseren “Over the Skype”-Interviews richtet sich die Bild-/Ton-Qualität nach verfügbarer Bandbreite und den jeweiligen Web-Cams aus sowie der Möglichkeit, die Konversationen buchstäblich LIVE zu führen. Es funktioniert trotz allem erstaunlich gut und mit Over the Skype bringen wir bis dato weit mehr als 60 besondere Persönlichkeiten zusammen und geben Einblicke in die Branche, wie sie derzeit ist. Viel Spaß!

Thu June 4th


HP Indigo 100K Installed With Bennett Gr...

Bennett Graphics is absolutely one of the more amazing printing companies we have visited. Not only is it a family-owned printing company, but it also prides itself with hundreds of awards and prizes for being the best printer. The awards come from hard work and dedication, as well as the will and ability to invest in the newest and latest technology. You see the newest Scodix, Highcon, and HP equipment along with offset presses and binding equipment. Great company, great people - and this film were made in a very special way. More about that on INKISH.NEWS. Thanks to Adair Hall and Adam Seiz for making this together!

Sat April 11th


Raymond Duval · Over The Skype · Ultimat...

Ultimate TechnoGraphics is a Canadian based software company known for Impostrip and software within workflow/automation. In this, Over the Skype conversation editor, Morten Reitoft talks to Raymond Duval about workflow/automation, the market potentials, and what drives the decisions to invest in workflow/automation solutions. As with all our 'Over the Skype' interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Mon January 20th


Think Smart Factory · Canon to Horizon e...

In this film, Yui Kawano from Canon Marketing shows an end-to-end solution together with Yasuo Taketsugu from Horizon International. This is a brilliant example of how workflow & automation enable printers to automate the entire print and binding process. This film also shows the amazing power behind JDF, where not only files but also production data is delivered directly from an MIS system. The entire production workflow is managed in the JDF and setup printer as well as the binder.

Wed January 8th


Building Technology on Solid Legacy · Yo...

Yoji Otsuka is the General Manager, Sales for Screen Graphic Solutions. In this conversation, he speaks over his American name "Joe" that he also uses on his business card, but more importantly how Screen has become one of the leading and most prominent suppliers of Inkjet presses. Screen Graphic Solutions was founded in 1943, but has roots back to 1868 - so what did Screen do before producing Inkjet machines? Yoji "Joe" Otsuka explains that the legacy of Screen's products and services are important elements in why Screen has become so popular. As we mentioned on numerous occasions before - we LOVE the Conversations format where editor Morten Reitoft have a longer and always very friendly conversation with a guest. We met with Yoji Otsuka at the Think Smart Factory event in Kyoto last year - enjoy it. It's a good one!

Mon December 16th


CHILI Publisher flies high at Airbus · T...

The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has chosen to use CHILI Publisher as part of their delivery of brand consistent marketing. At SPICYtalks 19 in Berlin Digital Project Manager Thomas Julé from Airbus gave a quite impressive presentation of what they are doing. It was also very nice to experience the openness of Airbus and how they show the application. Great design, great implementation, and here you can hear and see for yourself some of the motivations for working with CHILI.