Tue April 4th


Adrian Mayr · Head of Product Management...

In this film, Head of Product Management & Corporate Marketing Adrian Mayr gives us some insight from the Müller Martini operation in Zofingen, Switzerland. It's not the first time we've filmed from Müller Martini, but it was interesting to see it again and learn how they service their customers globally. Enjoy!

Tue December 7th


Using Cloud Printer to get 1,000+ print ...

Roy Everts and his company GLD Print en Media is located in Arnhem in the Netherlands - and yes, it is the renowned city from world war two - but being the center of GLD Print en Media is what this story is about! INKISH visited Roy Everts and his colleagues because GLD uses the Cloudprinter platform for orders - and in the film, you can hear Roy Everts saying up to a thousand orders a day. Cloudprinter is still a young company, but it is getting more and more recognized for its service and its innovative business model - but see and listen for yourself in this INKISH film. INKISH.NEWS article.

Wed November 24th


Publishing books globally using Cloud Pr...

The world is getting smaller and smaller, and what looked almost impossible years ago is today becoming simpler. In this INKISH film Steven Booth from Genius Books & Media explains how he is using Cloudprinter in his publishing business enabling him selling books everywhere. Cloudprinter is a global API that connect storefronts with a vast global network of printing companies. Enjoy! LinkedIn Profile

Mon November 22nd


Good future for Hunkeler · Michel Hunkel...

Hunkeler is among the most successful companies in the graphic arts industry, and being a family-owned company with success, the future looks bright. Today Michel Hunkeler is the CEO in close collaboration with his brother Stefan Hunkeler, who used to be the CEO but today has a role as President of the board. With increased interest in digital print from PSPs, the need for smart binding increases, and Hunkeler is well-positioned in the global market - but listen to what Michel Hunkeler has to say! LinkedIn Profile

Tue June 8th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

One Year Into the Pandemic · Jon Bailey ...

In this INKISH film COO Jon Bailey from 'Precision Proco Group' talks about how the group was founded literally moments before the total lockdown last year. The advantages of working together and creating a printing group with similar values and value propositions are the foundation for future growth. This is an exciting story, so see it before your neighbor.

Thu May 30th


Aros Bookbindery · The End · Jenny Holmé...

Back in 2014, we met Jenny Holmén for the very first time. She didn't have a history in the printing industry nor any knowledge about running a bindery - however, that didn't stop her and her associated to invest in one of the bigger binderies in Sweden. We were and still are very fascinated with this story that has been told in three films - where this is the last film. It's the last film under all circumstances since Aros Bokbinderi was sold to a competitor at the beginning of 2019. Jenny Holmén and her team have put tremendous work into developing the bindery but had to conclude that it was a too big mouthful. Moving the equipment from one location to a new required far more money than anticipated and at the same time, a couple of important clients went bankrupt and left Aros with not only a loss but also a decreased turnover. This last film was recorded at PrintNext18 but not published until now - and in the film CEO Jenny Holmén openly tell about some of the problems they faced. Now Aros Bokbinderi is no longer owned by Jenny Holmén, Carl Arnesson, and Bo Roger Sandberg. On a more personal note, it's always sad when people that try to bring fresh blood to the industry don't succeed. The team had a plan and we have in both films and articles stressed that the willingness and risk taken from these three people are based on a professional way of running a business. Among the changes the staff experienced was self-management - and many more new exciting ways of operating a business. R.I.P.

Mon May 27th


Is it enough to deliver great quality? ·...

Estonia is a small country in the Baltics with Russia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden as neighbors. With a population of only 1.4 million people and a size like Denmark and the Netherlands, the small population is concentrated in the capital Tallinn and with many printing companies for a country, this size export has been a focus since it's liberation from Russia back in the '80s. In this interview - filmed at PrintNext 19 in Stockholm, we talk to both Katre Savi who manages the Association of Estonian Printing & Packaging Industry as well as Piret Närep and Karol Karu from K-Print - a member and printer in Estonia. Get insight and listen to what KPI's the printers talk about in this film - GREAT.

Thu January 3rd


Workflow is in general misunderstood · D...

The name David Zwang is well recognized in the printing industry and his work or maybe even better-expressed influence on the printing industry can't be underestimated. In this INKISH episode, David Zwang talks about workflow. Working as a consult for print service providers, as well as his writings on and of course his work in the Ghent Workgroup gives him unprecedented insight into what's important and not. One of the things Zwang touches upon in this episode is the misinterpretation of 'workflow' where he states that workflow has become more of a marketing buzz-word rather than a process description. But watch, listen, Like, and share.

Thu September 13th


Onlineprinters is an e-commerce company ...

Onlineprinters is among the three biggest online printing companies in Europe. Just a few weeks ago they announced customer number 1 million and even though this is "just" a number it's still impressive. With more than 183 offset printing units, a tight partnership with companies such as Heidelberg, HP, and Horizon the company still look for double-digit growth in the years ahead. At the recent Press Tour 2018 INKSH in cooperation with got the chance to talk to CEO Dr. Michael Fries about this and that. Enjoy the very frank and open interview - and thank you Michae Fries for your time!

Mon September 17th


Amazing Growth in 2018 and it doesn̵...

Sagen de Jonge is CEO of Tilia Labs - a company that we have already covered a few times here on INKISH.TV. We met him at Albelli in The Netherlands recently and asked him about the very nearby future. It seems that the company is busy and not resting on their laurels. With a 100% growth in 2018 and an appetite for more in 2019, we look forward to following this exciting company. Listen to Sagen de Jonge here.

Tue October 23rd


Is the success behind Print24 the busine...

At the recent Sign, Print & Pack in Norway, one of the exhibitors wasn't Norwegian. Actually not even Scandinavian. It was Print24 which is a well-known online printer in most of Europe. We got a chance to talk to Managing Director Ali Jason Bazooband about how they differ from other online printers. In a VERY open-minded and lively interview, the charismatic Managing Director Ali Jason Bazooband tell you the business that he is managing.

Mon February 22nd


INKISH.TV BizzView: CEO Ravindra Parasni...

In BizzView INKISH.TV interviews the top leaders of the printing industry and get their view on where we are and where we are heading. Every episode will ask more or less the same questions, but the answers are very likely to be very different. Each top leader have his own opinion on how the challenges are faces and each top leader of course bring solutions to his market, based on the differences the markets faces. In this first episode please welcome CEO Ravindra Parasnis from Grafiska Företagen i Stockholm, Sweden.

Thu March 10th


INKISH.TV proudly presents: CEO Jenny Ho...

Is she and her partners on a suicidal mission or why on earth have they invested in a bookbinding company. The new owner and CEO explain about respect for each others role in an organization. Jenny Holmén explains about her vision for how to a great ROI on her investment in AROS bookbindery. Her professional approach to become profitable we find inspiring and want to share this with you. We will make a follow up episode on AROS in a years time to see how Jenny and her team have succeeded in her progress of becoming bigger, better and even more profitable. Enjoy this - and maybe, just maybe - this could inspire how to make plans for your own business..

Tue March 22nd


INKISH.TV BizzView: CEO Thomas Torp · Gr...

In BizzView INKISH.TV interviews the top leaders of the printing industry and get their view on where we are and where we are heading. Every episode will ask more or less the same questions, but the answers are very likely to be very different. Each top leader have his own opinion on how the challenges are faces and each top leader of course bring solutions to his market, based on the differences the markets faces. In this second episode please welcome CEO Thomas Torp from Grakom in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tue June 28th


INKISH.TV Proudly presents: Lasse Krogel...

This is the third episode in our INKISH.TV BizzView/talk interviews and as usual we ask pretty much the same questions, but the challenges and the answers differs. In this episode the Finish CEO of the federation explains about a VERY interesting scientific research that has been conducted by a Finish Prof. Petri Parvinen. On INKISH.TV an English summary can be downloaded for inspiration

Wed August 31st


INKISH.TV Proudly presents: Magnus Thork...

Magnus Thorkildsen is CEO for Grafisk Bransjeforening - or federation of printers in Norway - and with this great interview INKISH kind of conclude our Nordic tour, where we have asked the same questions to the CEO's of the federations in Denmark. Sweden, Finland and now Norway.

Tue August 22nd


Please Welcome Jenny Holmén · CEO · Aros...

Jenny Holmén is one of the people that we at INKISH.TV have followed in the past years - and we plan to continue doing so. She is CEO of the Swedish bindery Aros Bokbinderi and one of the reasons this story is interesting is that Jenny Holmén, Carl Arnesson and Bo Roger Sandberg in 2015 decided to invest in a medium sized bindery with NO advanced knowledge about the printing industry. We have decided to follow Jenny Holmén and her team on their path to success. The path is based on a modern and very active management that leads the way investing time and money. See this film and enjoy future films as well. See the first film here:

Tue May 22nd


Intermail closes envelope division and s...

We did a portrait of Intermail back in May 2018 where CEO Anders Ertmann explained the transformation process the company was in the middle of. A major milestone was the selling of the entire envelope division to BONG. Intermail is a publically traded company and the market awarded the changes by sky-rocketing the price with more than 250%. We got the chance to talk with CEO Anders Ertmann about the changes at the latest Print Next 18 event in Stockholm. The previous interview can be seen here:

Wed June 20th


Do Physical Books Have a Higher Retentio...

Håvard Grjotheim is now CEO of Scandbook - a public company within the Scandinavian printing industry, and we got the chance to talk with him at Print Next in Stockholm earlier this year. The exciting thing about the book printing companies is that they seem to have got a renewed interest in the printed book - not only from readers but also from the publishers. See what Håvard Grjotheim thinks about this.