We Are People

All good stories start with ‘once upon a time,’ and as INKISH is the number one storyteller in the global printing industry – I hereby take the liberty to tell you a short story. My name is Morten B. Reitoft, and I founded INKISH in 2014. The time was very different from now, and this is precisely what is so exciting about the industry – we are changing. We adapt to our customer’s needs; we take advantage of the fantastic technology and navigate financial crises, pandemics, and an ever-changing demand for new communication methods. As a media, we need to deliver relevance, critical views, and stories and content that can support you as a viewer, reader, and consumer insights that will help your business grow.

We have done this for years, but we are NOT the same company we started. We are constantly developing our services along with the market, pushing the boundaries to cover the industry better than our competition.

Are we successful? Well, I will let you decide. Read our articles, see our films, participate in our webinars, buy our books, read our soon-to-be-published magazines, and judge whether we deliver something worth your time.

One this is important. We Are People, and we are ALWAYS on your side!

/Morten B. Reitoft


INKISH.TV is made by:

Morten Reitoft – Editor-in-Chief
Henrik Klem Lassen – CEO INKISH
Robert Franklin Godwin III – Content creator and Reporter
Jacques Michiels – CEO INKISH Benelux

Jan Majnik – Filmer and fucking great editing!
Ziga Kovac – Filmer and another fucking great editing

Pat McGrew – Editor ‘Print Sample TV
Deborah Corn – Business Partner and Project Peacock Network

Technology Partners – www.myvirtualteams.com

Nils Harbo – Startup Concept, Former Editor, Camera & Editing

Transcriptions – happyscribe.com
Music – Envato
Music – Artlist.io
Music – Epidemic Sound