Asking one of Europe’s leading prepress houses whether plates/sleeves or machines are more important is maybe unfair; however, the answer is interesting. As GM Torben Segelken says: you can print great quality on an old machine if the plates are perfect, but you can’t produce excellence with bad plates on a new machine, and so it is, of course. Carl Osterman Erben, or COE, is more than 120 years old and has, since its origin, focused on becoming the best prepress house in Europe.

Now COE is part of the EcoFlexo group. Each member remains an independent company but can offer end-to-end solutions by working together. EcoFlexo has the following members besides COE – Hamillroad, GEW, MPS, and Zeller + GMelin.

We produced a film from each EcoFlexo member while in The Netherlands.

For further information, visit the EcoFlexo website: