Three years ago, my now husband and I, we traveled the West Coast of America. Driving with our tiny trailer behind a Honda. We slept in Pismo Beach on a Wal-Mart parking lot. And next morning an old veteran. He came by and he was like: It is so cool what you’re doing. And I want to support you. Take these 40 bucks and he was like: have a nice lunch. That is one print that stays with us for forever. I got so interested in the printing industry, not only because of you. I worked for Gelato. It is so interesting to listen to all those people all the time. I is inspiring. It doesn’t feel like work. That is from a trade show I went to last February in Nürnberg. And that was like the beginnings of the Corona pandemic. For Gelato – I was planning those trade shows. And also going there as a sales person. And I went there and it was just so sad. People really miss that togetherness. Coming to those trade shows…it’s like meeting your family members. I really like the trade shows online also. Focused on what you actually want to get achieved. And I think you can plan better ahead who you want to meet. I’m also selling wall clocks. Like designer wall clocks. That was very, very hard during Corona. Since all the businesses were closed. I was desperately trying to look for ways to reach people. And I wrote a nice postcard. And I got good feedback for that. I wanted to show with that picture that print really helped me in other jobs also. I feel more connected when I actually have something in my hand. Rather than only looking at it. I sent that one to show that print is also becoming a primary thing in my personal life. My husband was stuck in Germany. Because his American was not able to work, couldn’t show our daughter to his family for a year. So he started an illustration course and actually that is the first print that he sold. So I’m very proud of that. And I just wanted to share that.