Sun September 22nd

Janne Høgshøj LIVE with Pat McGrew · Pri...

Sign, Print & Pack 2019 took place in Odense, the hometown of one of the worlds may be best storytellers Hans Christian Andersen. At the show, Print Sample TV host met with Janne Høgshøj from Danish Connection. Both have a passion for paper, print, and enhancement beyond most - and here they share. Janne Høgshøj and Pat McGrew never met before, but I am sure both enjoyed the company.

Tue June 11th

Antalis Focuses on Digital Print as well...

The supply chain, as we know, is under pressure since both technology and demand for print changes. At the recent PrintNext19 event we met with Product Manager Michael Thorvaldsson from Antalis. Behind the "Product Manager" title, you'll find a dedication from Antalis to define their role in the future print market. For many years Reel-based paper to i.e., web-offset printing companies have been supplied directly from the mills. The Merchants on the other side has built efficient distributions for the sheetfed offset and digital print market. With the growth in digital web-based printing, the future of distribution is maybe also challenged? Michael Thorvaldsson regularly visits printing companies in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden to ensure both a top-of-mind, but also, and maybe more important to understand the demands printing companies have as well as focusing on the range of substrates that Antalis represents. In this film, Michael Thorvaldsson talks about hybrid paper and some of the challenges of being Antalis.

Tue April 17th


INKISH.TV proudly presents: Paper in the...

In this INKISH episode, we take a look at the paper and print in the public space. Sometimes we simply forget to let us inspire from the print that surrounds us daily.

Thu April 12th


INKISH.TV proudly presents: Influencers

Paper is one of the most commoditized products in the printing industry - however, if the industry is going to make more money maybe printers should shift focus from commodity paper to special- and branded- paper much more than now. We at INKISH believe that an increased focus on paper can be both profitable and also bring higher value to our customers. This is our first time we do an episode like this - ok satisfied, room for improvement - feel free to comment and suggest.