Sat September 11th


Ali Ridha Jaffar · Vice President · Sync...

Ali Ridha Jaffar is the VP of Syncoms Group in the UK. The company is a commercial printing company, but Jaffar has also become a recognized presenter at numerous EFI Storefront presentations. The great thing about listening to a customer talking about any software is the passion. It's also to understand that there are steep learning curves with all solutions - and as Ali Ridha Jaffar says in this interview, it's not about setting up the prices and the designs and the flow, but how your web presence can get you even more successful. Ali Ridha Jaffar's LinkedIn profile.

Fri September 10th


Dursun Acun · Owner/General Manager · OP...

Imagine how difficult it is to get ink to stick to a metal surface! Imagine how difficult it is with water-based ink - and voila, here is OPM-Europa and the LabelSaver solution. Or, to be more correct, almost there. The R&D is finished, and the first machines are assembled and soon ready for water-based inkjet printing on round surfaces like cans, bottles, plastics, glass, and metal. In this interview, owner and General Manager Dursun Acun share the journey with you - we find it inspiring. Once again, a vendor shows how the Memjet technology can be utilized in a new application. Enjoy! Find Dursun Acun's LinkedIn profile here.

Mon September 6th


Marco Calcagni · Sales Director · OMET...

Marco Calcagni has worked with OMET for a long time, and in this 'Conversations' with editor Morten B. Reitoft, he, among other things, talks about the 'defining moment' for OMET. "When our competitors go one way, we go the other way," on why OMET is a success in the flexible/packaging business. OMET, just weeks before our visit, moved to a new build facility with more space for continuing growth - all in all, an inspiring visit in North Italy! LinkedIn Profile Marco Calcagni:

Fri September 3rd


Mark Subers on the cancellation of PRINT...

PRINTING United Expo was cancelled a few days ago - sad but somehow expected. In this interview, editor Morten B. Reitoft sits down with President Mark Subers to learn why the decision was taken, Subers' view on the future of PRINTING United, tradeshows in general, and other very important and exciting topics. The consequences for the industry with the many cancelled tradeshows aren't at the current time clear, mainly because the buying cycles are LONG in our industry. But listen to the conversation, and as usual, enjoy! LinkedIn Profile: Mark Subers

Mon August 30th


David Triulzi · International Sales ...

In the suburbs of Bologna, the Italian vendor LOGICA recently moved to a new HQ. LOGICA has specialized in developing software bridging data from production to MIS systems, enabling printers to get a better overview of production and identify bottlenecks. In this 'Conversations,' International Sales & Marketing Director David Triulzi explains how the company started and the value of using LOGICA's products and services. David Triulzi points with particular emphasis on the company's ability to use data from analog equipment by converting mechanical data into electronic data. The other is the openness LOGICA has to integrate with MIS partners and hardware partners that integrate LOGICAs solutions into their products. Enjoy! David Triulzi LinkedIn profile.

Wed August 25th


Christoph Gamper · CEO · DURST

CONVERSATIONS is a popular format on INKISH.TV. This time we feature CEO & Co-Owner Christoph Gamper from DURST. The confidence DURST has is inspiring and with a clear objective of being number one or two in the segments they address is encouraging and an important statement to all stakeholders. Great conversations and I feel confident that we will have more stories from DURST in the future! Enjoy! LinkedIn profile:   ----- If you read Dutch - please also read the article from our friends at Printmedianieuws.

Tue August 17th


Learn With Us · Communication · Replay

In this LIVE session from INKISH.TV, Editor Morten Reitoft share his views on marketing from the 4P's to the very purpose of marketing. Thanks to Mark Stephenson from Fujifilm to join the live session. Credits to: Coca Cola Commercial from the '40s Miss South Carolina All Packaging 1 All Packaging 2 Conor Neil Inspiration from Professor Wolters

Fri August 6th


Developing New Talent for the Industry ·...

In this session Director of Development, Jeff White, from the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation talk about the important work of the foundation - the challenges (actually none), and how the foundation raises money for the scholarships granted. Wonderful insight! Enjoy LinkedIn Profile:

Mon July 19th


Frank Romano · No further introduction n...

We need specialists and beacons. Frank Romano has been one for a long time, and in this film, Frank Romano talks about - well, as usual, pretty much everything you want to know. Listen, enjoy. LinkedIn profile:

Sat May 8th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

Kodak Process-Free Plates Saves the Envi...

Jeff Zellmer is the VP of Global Sales at Eastman Kodak Company and has been part of the transformation process Kodak is going through for two years. About two weeks ago, Jeff Zellmer posted a LinkedIn post about how much a printing company could save the environment using process-free plates - and that caught our attention - and here we are. Jeff Zellmer instantly agreed to talk to INKISH, and we believe you get good information from watching this episode - so please enjoy!

Mon March 29th

De En Fr

Canon ProStream ensures further flexibil...

Eileen Morrison works for the printing company Henry Ling in the UK, and though she is relatively new to Henry Ling, she has a lot of experience in the book printing domain. Henry Ling is a 140 years old printing company based in Dorchester with a dedicated focus on Journals and Books. It is related to their recent investment in the Canon ProStream 1800 that this session has been set up. We get the chance to talk about customers, technology, and business, and though we both were not a hundred percent sure where we wanted the session to end - I liked the session and believe it gives the viewer a great insight.

Mon March 29th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

Over The Skype · Hector Castro · Müller ...

In this Over the Skype we talked to Héctor Castro, Managing Director of Müller Martini Latin America, who tells us about the wide portfolio of finished solutions, as well as the importance of automation. En este Over the Skyple platicamos con el Ing. Héctor Castro, director general de Müller Martini Latino America, quien nos platica acerca del amplio portafolio de soluciones en terminados, así como la importancia de la automatización.

Sun February 28th

Julie Watson · Over The Skype · Ultimate...

Your humble editor was late for this interview, but despite that, this conversation with CEO Julie Watson from Ultimate TechnoGraphics was really GREAT. The Canadian-based company, founded in 1989, is the developer behind the widely used software Impostrip. In this 'Over The Skype' session, CEO Julie Watson and editor Morten Reitoft speak about the newly released update of Impostrip, APIs, workflow/automation, the industry, and of course, where Julie Watson sees the future for her company. Great session - enjoy!

Fri February 26th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

José Luis Bezaury · Over The Skype · Lit...

In this "Over the Skype" we talked to José Luis Bezaury, Managing Director of Litoplas, who tells us about the wide portfolio of solutions he offers in labels and packaging, as well as what has been the success factor of his company in 25 years of experience. En este "Over the Skype" entrevistamos a José Luis Bezaury, director general de Litoplas, quien nos habla acerca del amplio portafolio de soluciones que ofrece en etiquetas y empaques, así como cuál ha sido el factor de éxito de su empresa en 25 años de trayectoria.

Thu February 4th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

The Vacuum After a Lifetime with HP Indi...

Alon Bar-Shany has by all means been one of the most influential persons in the global printing industry in his role with HP Indigo for more than 25 years. It was a surprise to most when he left HP, and becoming Chairman of the Board for Highcon was equally a surprise, we believe! Bar-Shany talks about everything from vacuum, suits, music, and being an entrepreneur in this session. We are sure you will like this conversation! We apologize for the video quality; Alon Bar-Shany has promised to give us a new interview next time we meet in person!

Mon January 25th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

Tomas Van Rossom New Enfocus GM · Enfocu...

Tomas Van Rossom has just been appointed as General Manager for Enfocus, and though new in the position, Rossom has worked with Enfocus since 2017 as Global Sales Director. In this conversation, we talk about family, Covid, subscription vs. license sales, setting goals, and how Tomas van Rossom will fit the new role after his predecessors. A very open-minded and great conversation that we are sure you will like - so why not just watch?

Thu January 7th


From Pirate to Corporate America · Chris...

Mergers and Acquisitions take many shapes, and in this film, we talk to Christoph Schacht, who recently left his position as COO from EFI/Direct Smile. Direct Smile is a well-known software used by many print service providers globally. This story is about the company, which Christoph Schacht himself refers to as a 'Pirate' company, and how the failed three times getting to America, how they got in contact with EFI, and how Due Diligence was a process that has been a learning experience about Corporate America for Christoph Schacht. Enjoy - yet another great session about M&As.

Thu January 7th


From Owner of Alpha Picture to owner of ...

In our series of films about Mergers and Acquisitions, we in this film meet Gerhard Märtterer, one of Alpha Picture's founders seventeen years ago. Everything developed fantastic until the financial crisis in 2008/09 directly influenced customers and forced Märtterer to file for insolvency. In this film, Gerhard Märtterer openly tells us about the failure, the shame, and the opportunities that eventually ended with Märtterer to buy back Alpha Picture together with two friends. This is an amazing story to learn from!

Wed January 6th


The Acquired becomes the Acquirer · Pete...

In our conversations about M&As, we talk to the former advisor and CEO for Elanders Germany, Peter Sommer. Peter Sommer is a frequent guest on INKISH and always openly shares his opinions and views on the things we talk about. 14 years ago, Peter Sommer sold his company to Elanders and became an essential person in the global Elanders group soon. Now, this era has ended, and Peter Sommer is now in charge of his investment company P2 where the work is to acquire companies in the printing industry, join the companies into larger entities, and drive the synergies to their max. As usual, a great conversation - thank you, Peter.

Wed December 30th


Mergers & Acquisitions · Kenneth St...

With more than a billion dollars in M&As, Kenneth Stack knows his business - and again, we have been so fortunate to find an M&A specialist that has deep roots in the printing industry as well. Kenneth Stack has worked with Kodak, and more recently President for Jetrion, which he sold to EFI - and continued working for EFI. Since 2011 Kenneth Stack has operated his own "small boutique," focusing on M&As for both buyers and sellers. This session gives you a GREAT insight into strategic acquisitions. GREAT session. I hope you enjoy watching as much as Ken and I enjoyed doing this!

Fri December 25th


Mergers & Acquisitions · Sean Cavan...

In this Holiday Special, we talk to Sean Cavanagh, Author and Managing Director of First Servant Capital Corporation - an M&A specialist company. In this almost hour-long conversation, we talk about the process, the valuation, expectations, and how you can maximize your selling price. Sean Cavanagh is a great inspiration. He has been part of numerous acquisitions in the printing industry. With a father who used to be a printer, Sean Cavanagh knows everything worth knowing about M&As but also understands the printing industry. Enjoy this session! GET the book YBAWS that Sean Refers to here:

Tue December 15th

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GM Expand Production Capability to fulfi...

As with so many companies, Grafisk Maskinfabrik or GM started 40 years ago in the current Director Uffe Nielsens parents' kitchen. Today GM is a recognized supplier of roll-based finishing equipment for digital and flexo labels, both under their own brand and an OEM supplier. Recently GM has moved to a new headquarter where the company now enjoys both a larger showroom and new and modern facilities with space for growth. In this Conversations, Director Uffe Nielsen talk to Editor Morten Reitoft about the history, the current situation, and the future. Great story - so please enjoy.

Mon December 14th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

Glunz & Jensen consolidating produc...

Martin Overgaard Hansen is the relatively new CEO of Glunz & Jensen. The company has deep roots in the pre-press industry, producing equipment for high-quality plate-making. With administration and R&D in Denmark and production in Slovakia, the company is in a restructuring mode where the company is scaled to meet the future's needs. Martin Overgaard Hansen comes from outside the printing industry and has the tough job managing the restructuring. In this INKISH Conversation, we get a great insight into how the company sees itself and its future role.

Tue December 8th

De En Es Fr Pt

Jacob Aizikowitz · Over The Skype · XMPi...

Beyond printing technology innovations a lot of great things happened in the last two decades since the year 2000. Jacob Aizikowitz, founder and til June 2019 President of XMPie, became a pioneer and visionary for print in the digital age. His topic was always to synchronize or align print and digital communication, what we call today cross media or omnichannel. Andreas Weber, CEO of INKISH D-A-CH, picked-up Jacob’s current article on ”Why is Print Not Frequently Used in Enterprise Marketing?“, published by American Printer end of October 2020, to set up a great conversation. See: So this are the topics to talk about: There is a big gap between the print industry's praising of print's value and the reality of print's infrequent use by enterprises' marketing. — What makes you think that? Does personalization and customization may have different meanings to technology providers, printers and marketeers? If so, what could we do to solve the dilemma? At least: is omnichannel a linear-organic further development of direct marketing? Or is it more or less a disruptive approach, as things change completely for enterprises? Which areas/markets in the world are ahead or behind? Do PSP’s already use omnichannel for their own purpose? And finally something personal: thinking back 20 years ago, would you have expected things to turn out the way they did? Or could it have been different? As always in those COVID-19 times we had to use Skype to set up the conversation between Jacob’s home town Haifa, Israel, and Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where Andreas lives and works. So apologize if there is any disturbance caused by weak bandwidth etc. LinkedIn Profile: