Tue June 27th


Frank De Jonge · NEOS · IST UV-Days

Frank de Jonge is Commercial Director for the relatively new Italian print manufacturer NEOS. The company has specialized in producing inkjet printing machines that can be configured quite unique compared to others in the market. High quality, fast, uses different print heads, and can be configured in widths that are way wider than most others in the market. Frank de Jonge also explains how NEOS can print on metal, which requires precise measurements of the surface using lasers and software to manage the tiny changes in the surface. Of course, we also discussed the upcoming IST UV days, as NEOS will present several solutions utilizing LED-UV curing. Great to talk to Frank de Jonge, and I can't wait to meet him soon in Nürtingen at the IST UV Days!

Tue June 13th


Lars Engel · Managing Director · BHS Cor...

BHS Corrugated is one of the largest and most influential and innovative companies in the corrugated industry globally. Founded as a state-owned company and later taken over by Engel's father, Paul Engel, and his friend, Edmund Bradatsch, it soon became a strategy to own and control the entire value chain; Managing Director Lars Engel shares some of the learnings and considerations on the journey. BHS Corrugated has become a tremendous success, and besides the fantastic business story, the company also has a vast CSR responsibility that plays a role with both employees and people directly or indirectly influenced by the company. Super story!

Tue June 13th


Christian Engel · CEO · BHS Corrugated...

Christian Engel is the CEO of BHS Corrugated. Together the two brothers have developed BHS Corrugated into a global company. In the 'Conversations' with Engel, we get a behind the scene view of the history, the values, and what drives Christan Engel in his leadership.

Wed May 17th


Steve Billow · New President for Fujifil...

Steve Billow was recently appointed President & CEO of Fujifilm Dimatix. You may not know that name so well, but in the graphic arts industry, that equals Samba print heads, used in many inkjet printers. We got a chance to talk to Billow about his job, inkjet in general, and many more things - super nice talking to you, and looking forward to further conversations!

Thu April 6th


Stefan Hunkeler · Post HID23 · Hunkeler ...

In this online interview, Stefan Hunkeler shares his view on Hunkeler Innovationdays and how important the event has become for the entire industry. As usual good things to learn in a casual format. Enjoy!

Tue April 4th

De-DE En

The Blackbox Connector · Stefan Schiffer...

German with English subtitles. A few weeks ago, Stefan Schifferdecker from Tessitura reached out to INKISH; honestly, we had never heard about the company. Based in Germany, Tessitura has specialized in developing software for connecting systems. Think of this as Lego bricks or a vast patch bay that enable a printer to use one software with another machine, using a third software -and this way allows for even legacy systems with modern MIS/ERP systems. Stefan Schifferdecker and the company he works for are still new but have customers in Germany, and who knows whether they will be able to reach out even further!

Fri March 31st


Tom Peire · CEO · Four Pees

Four Pees has set a course to become one of the leading implementations of printing industry related IT-solutions. With huge knowledge, and as CEO and Founder Tom Peire explain, learning from previous mistakes, the company is now ready to execute ambitious plans. As usual, our 'Conversations' format goes behind the scene and gives you an insight into the human side of the top management in companies in our industry. This one is truly great - so please enjoy it!

Mon March 27th

De En

Eiji Kajita · Komori

Eiji Kajita is responsible for Komori's operation in Europe and has been working out of the Utrecht office for about a year. In this conversations you get the chance to know Mr. Kajita a bit better - his background, how it is, for him, living in Europe, and also how he sees the European print market. Interesting insights, which we hope you'll like! Enjoy!

Mon March 13th


Annette Friskopp · General Manager · Pag...

In this 'Conversations' with Editor Morten B. Reitoft, HP General Manager Annette Friskopp explains what drives her and how her competitive mindset drives her own ambitions, employees, and the entire company. In this open-minded interview, Annette Friskopp also explains how she was brought to HP to ensure agility and also how she has learned the advantages of both small and even more large organizations. Great conversation, and happy that INKISH got this opportunity at Innovationdays. Enjoy!

Mon January 30th


The Benelux Online Print Even · BOPE 23 ...

The Benelux Online Print Event, or BOPE, is amazing. In this chat, Editor Morten B. Reitoft speaks with Managing Director Jos Steutelings from VIGC about what to expect from the event. The program is jam-packed with great speakers and different angles on the online printing industry. Read more about the event here:

Mon January 30th


Hunkeler Innovationdays · Ricoh Europe ·...

Hunkeler Innovationdays takes place in Lucern from February 27th to March 2nd, and as part of our coverage, we invite ALL* exhibitors for an interview about what to expect. In this interview, you'll find Eef De Ridder from Ricoh Europe. Ricoh has already announced that they will present a new iteration of their popular VC70000 - now with an 'e' added to its name, but listen to Eef De Ridder and learn what more to expect from Innovationdays.

Fri January 27th


Hunkeler Innovationdays · HP PageWide In...

As Hunkeler Innovationdays gets closer, INKISH has invited all exhibitors to give an interview with Editor Morten B. Reitoft to get an idea about what to expect. In this episode, we get to talk to Kris Albee from HP. She is based in San Diego and works with many interesting things. In this interview, you'll learn what to expect from HP at Innovationdays - applications. Of course, according to Albee, the new HP T-series Advantage 2200 will be presented with interesting additions. Enjoy!

Thu January 26th


Hunkeler Innovationdays · Ultimate Techn...

Andrew Bailes-Collins is the Head of Product Management with Ultimate TechnoGraphics. In this chat with Editor Morten B. Reitoft, they discuss what to expect from Ultimate TechnoGraphics at the upcoming Hunkeler Innovationdays. Ultimate TechnoGraphics seems to be very successful these days, and with a strong focus on speed, the company delivers solutions that fit the digital transformation we see everywhere. Enjoy this chat, learn, and even better, see you at Hunkeler Innovationdays in Lucern. The event takes place from February 27th to March 2nd.

Tue January 24th


Hunkeler Innovationdays · Enfocus · Piet...

We have invited ALL exhibitors from Hunkeler Innovationdays to talk to Editor Morten B. Reitoft about what to expect. We are excited to present each company as we get the recordings done - and yes, we will cover INNOVATIONDAYS from the show floor from February 27th to March 2nd - and we can't wait. Interviews, product presentations, and tons of great news. Our first guest is Piet De Pauw from Enfocus. In this chat with INKISH, he explains Switch, Tilia Labs, and what you can expect from them in Lucern.

Tue January 3rd


Uses DALL·E AI for Wall Art Production ·...

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been a buzzword for some time, but lately, one company, OpenAI, has made AI something everybody talks about. Erik Fieten does not only talk about AI but uses OpenAI's visual engine DALL·E to generate art for his wall art production business. In this interview with Editor Morten B. Reitoft, he explains "ART" and how DALL·E can create license-free art that can be used in his new online ventures. WallVis is an online art shop; how simple it may sound is unique. With DALL·E, Erik Fieten and his colleagues can create unique art, and it's merely impossible to create two of the same pieces - even when using the same words - but see and hear for yourself. New opportunity, and Erik Fieten is, as far as we know, a first-mover in this field. Great!

Tue December 20th


Maturing Online Experience with more OEM...

In times when virtual, hybrid, and online have become important topics in our industry, grows with more 'halls,' 'exhibition space,' and exhibitors. In this film, Wayne Beckett from and editor Morten B. Reitoft talk about the platform's background and how Wayne Beckett sees themselves in the marketing mix. was planned before the pandemic but landed at a time when online was the only option. Wayne Beckett also comments on how their platform has become an asset used at the physical tradeshows! Enjoy!

Thu December 8th


Matt Bennett · Business Unit Director, N...

Matt Bennett is the Business Unit Director for North America, which means he is responsible for a significant part of BOBST's market in North America. Our 'Conversations' format has always been popular as it gives employees, customers, and even competitors a chance to get to know the person behind the leader in a company that influences people, customers, and the future of our industry. Matt Bennett is no exception - he has a clear objective of chasing growth for BOBST and is not afraid of being measured against his results. Interesting conversation. Enjoy!

Thu December 8th


Matteo Cardinotti · Head of Narrow/Mid W...

Matteo Cardinotti is the head of BOBST Narrow/Mid web, and in this 'Conversations' with Editor Morten B. Reitoft, you better understand the human behind the position. We are all humans, and we operate to achieve different objectives. In our conversations with leaders of our industry, we try to understand who they are, where they come from, and what drives them as humans. Enjoy the film with Matteo Cardinotti.

Wed October 5th


Please Welcome Mark Andy’s CEO Jas...

CEO Jason Desai meets with Editor Morten B. Reitoft to explain how strong values drive Mark Andy into a Digitally Transformed reality. An extremely exciting conversation where you get closer to who Jason Desai is. We get an insight into how Mark Andy sees a future with flexo, digital, and hybrids - and also how Mark Andy aims to be a full-service supplier with technology, service, and consumables as part of the future offerings!

Tue October 4th


Back Stronger and With Many New Ideas · ...

Mark Subers is the President of PRINTING United Expo. In just a few weeks (October 19th-21st, 2022), PRINTING United Expo takes place in Las Vegas. After two years of COVID and cancellations, editor Morten B. Reitoft talked with Subers about what to expect in the 2022 edition. Subers explain the many changes, like more equipment on the floor, fewer but better educational sessions, and integrated activities in various pavilions. The new PUX platform enables other organizations to organize user events days before PRINTING United, hopefully leading to more people staying for the expo. The exhibition floor has grown, and Subers is optimistic about the number of attendees, which most likely will exceed the 30,000 attendees from the 2019 edition in Dallas. His expectations are based on a much higher sale of hotel rooms here two weeks before the event. INKISH will cover PRINTING United intensively, so be prepared for our daily coverage.

Tue August 30th


Timm Edelhoff · Managing Director · Hori...

Timm Edelhoff has worked for Horizon for thirteen years holding various positions. Recently he took over the position of Managing Director from Yoshihiro Oe, who returned back to Japan in December to focus on being Global Business Director. In this Conversations, Timm Edelhoff talks to Editor-in-Chief Morten B. Reitoft about the job, the challenges, his background, and what he will bring to Horizon GmbH in his new position. Always interesting to learn about the people in leadership positions - and here we are. Enjoy the talk with Timm Edelhoff.

Tue August 16th


Marco Boer · Should I stay or Should I g...

In this chat between Vice Presiden, IT Strategies, Marco Boer, and Editor-in-Chief of INKISH, Morten B. Reitoft, the talk is about technology, the need for tradeshows, and how PRINTING United will be the measure for attendees visiting DRUPA, and many more interesting topics. Dig in for 20 minutes of great insights from Marco Boer - he is even teasing an entirely new printing platform - can you believe it?

Thu June 30th


Is Ray Stasieczko an Angry Old Man? · Ra...

I have followed Ray Stasieczko for some time. Almost every day for more than four years, has he delivered a refreshing perspective on the office-print segment. "End of the Day with Ray" is to some extent asking the questions many don't dare to ask, or even worse, sometimes don't even think about. Ray Stasieczko and Editor Morten B. Reitoft WILL at some point meet in person, but here is the first conversation between the two. We normally don't care much about the office segment, but as most of the digital-print vendors in 'our' segment also produces office equipment, the development in this segment COULD influence the professional production segment as well. Ray Stasieczko often in his daily show, refers to numbers, fiscal reports, statistics, etc., and these numbers can be used to broaden your understanding of a significant part of the industry. You can follow Ray Stasieczko here:

Sat June 11th


The Landa Promise · Eddy Hagen & Mo...

When Landa presented the new series of Landa presses at the drupa 2012 already ten years was into the development of the technology. With 20 years in R&D, limited sales, and very close communication, I asked Innovation Coach Eddy Hagen to join me in a chat about the Landa Promises. Eddy Hagen has in a series of articles criticizing both quality and speed - both measures are important, but speed is extremely important when it comes to the expected ROIs. Since Nanography and Landa were introduced at the drupa 2012, the market has undergone tremendous changes. Competition has caught up on many of the Landa promises, and yet Landa has not reached the specs. promised back at drupa 2012/2016 - on the contrary, the expectations have for now been lowered. Enjoy the conversation.