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Tue September 21st


Without Investments We have NO Chance · Mirk...

Production and Sales Director Mirko Breznan from TBB in Slovakia is very direct when he in this film says, "Without investing, there is no chance of surviving." And that is precisely what the company does. INKISH visited the printing company and, it was an exciting business to see how books are printed in a modern 100% up-to-date production. Offset equipment, binding equipment, efficient workflow, and spiced with the recent investment in Scodix - digital enhancement. Watch this really nice looking film, and enjoy!

Tue September 21st

Thomas Amrein · President & CEO · Matti Tec...

Thomas Amrein is the President and CEO of Matti Technology - and maybe you ask what Matti Technology is? Don't be sorry if you don't know the name, since Thomas Amrein himself explains that Matti Technology is not a very well-known company in public. Matti Technology specializes in developing Inkjet technology, where they develop and produce everything except print heads and a few other components. Matti Technology helps customers developing technology from an idea, a drawing, a blueprint - whatever it takes to get the machine ready for the market. From here, the customers take over sales-, marketing- and distribution under their own names. So Matti Technology is great to know if you speculate about developing your inkjet device - but listen to this really nice conversation with President and CEO Thomas Amrein - and enjoy! Thomas Amrein LinkedIn

Mon September 13th

Ar De En Es Fr It Ja Nl Ru Zh

Rita Estevinha Silva · Winner of Intergrafs ...

Rita Estevinha Silva is a 21-years young woman living in Portugal. She is studying design and has been an intern in a printing company in a small town for the past nine months. Rita Estevinha Silva sees herself and other 21-years in the role of 'constructing' the future. Now Rita Estevinha Silva is a voice here on INKISH. Rita Estevinha Silva won the Young Talents Award a couple of weeks ago - and the win came as a surprise. In this INKISH episode, you can learn more - not only about the winning but an actual Gen-Z talking. Editor Morten B. Reitoft will do a follow-up article as so many people talk about Millenials and Gen-Z. Still, nobody listens or gives the younger generations media space when the opportunity is there. The Young Talents Award attracted numerous people, but unfortunately, for the great idea, Intergraf has no audience; nobody enters into the necessary dialog. You can read more about (and be careful not to wear shoes, as this is a toe-wrecking example of bad campaign and communication) at . LinkedIn Profile Rita Estevinha Silva: Link to report:

Sat September 11th


Ali Ridha Jaffar · Vice President · Syncoms...

Ali Ridha Jaffar is the VP of Syncoms Group in the UK. The company is a commercial printing company, but Jaffar has also become a recognized presenter at numerous EFI Storefront presentations. The great thing about listening to a customer talking about any software is the passion. It's also to understand that there are steep learning curves with all solutions - and as Ali Ridha Jaffar says in this interview, it's not about setting up the prices and the designs and the flow, but how your web presence can get you even more successful. Ali Ridha Jaffar's LinkedIn profile.

Fri September 10th


Dursun Acun · Owner/General Manager · OPM-E...

Imagine how difficult it is to get ink to stick to a metal surface! Imagine how difficult it is with water-based ink - and voila, here is OPM-Europa and the LabelSaver solution. Or, to be more correct, almost there. The R&D is finished, and the first machines are assembled and soon ready for water-based inkjet printing on round surfaces like cans, bottles, plastics, glass, and metal. In this interview, owner and General Manager Dursun Acun share the journey with you - we find it inspiring. Once again, a vendor shows how the Memjet technology can be utilized in a new application. Enjoy! Find Dursun Acun's LinkedIn profile here.

Wed September 8th


Working with Solimar · Robert Tokar · CEO ...

Wolverine Solutions Group handles millions of letters, printing, addressing, enveloping, and managing all the mission-critical data that ensure delivery of health-, financial, insurance, and marketing information posted to households all over the US. Of course, hardware is important, but in this film, we focus mainly on the software provided by Solimar. Wolverine is an impressive company, and we are confident that you can find inspiration and, of course, a good reason why you should reach out to either Wolverine or Solimar.

Mon September 6th


Marco Calcagni · Sales Director · OMET

Marco Calcagni has worked with OMET for a long time, and in this 'Conversations' with editor Morten B. Reitoft, he, among other things, talks about the 'defining moment' for OMET. "When our competitors go one way, we go the other way," on why OMET is a success in the flexible/packaging business. OMET, just weeks before our visit, moved to a new build facility with more space for continuing growth - all in all, an inspiring visit in North Italy! LinkedIn Profile Marco Calcagni:

Fri September 3rd


Mark Subers on the cancellation of PRINTING U...

PRINTING United Expo was cancelled a few days ago - sad but somehow expected. In this interview, editor Morten B. Reitoft sits down with President Mark Subers to learn why the decision was taken, Subers' view on the future of PRINTING United, tradeshows in general, and other very important and exciting topics. The consequences for the industry with the many cancelled tradeshows aren't at the current time clear, mainly because the buying cycles are LONG in our industry. But listen to the conversation, and as usual, enjoy! LinkedIn Profile: Mark Subers

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Thu October 22nd



#metoo #GirlsWhoPrint LIVE on INKISH.TV from 10.00 AM CEST - we need to listen. We need to talk.

Mon June 1st



Ladies and Gentleman… #thankaprinter Please use the hashtag when sharing. Print Long and Prosper! And when the virus came, people turned to their leaders and their community and said: “We need to keep our families and our loved ones safe. We need to know how. We need somebody willing to get up at dawn in the cold, in the rain, in the blistering heat and open their doors so we may keep ours closed. Somebody who will work tirelessly, with ink-stained clothes and calloused hands to fire up the presses, to feed the paper, to fold and score and distribute hope.” So they called a Printer. And when supplies ran low, when our heath care heroes on the front-lines desperately needed protection, Printers forged facemasks, face shields and partitions and answered the call of their nations to help their citizens heal. They answered by reinventing and retooling and constructing 3D printed parts for respirators, breathing life into patients and hospitals and communities suffocating without . They answered the call to transform children and parents into students and teachers, and kitchen tables into classrooms … and cathedrals. They made the signs, the clings and the decals to arm their communities in the fight to stay open and distanced and educated. They sent the mail that delivered checks that kept food on the table and lights overhead, and protected packaged goods on the shelves in storerooms and backrooms and pantries. They worked in split shifts to keep us safe from harm while struggling to keep their doors open, not once asking for anything in return. When we look back, when we have distanced ourselves from this moment in time and are reunited with each other, let’s not forget to remember who stood, fearless, at the gate, and said this community, this family, this business won’t go down on my watch. Let us not forget to Thank a Printer. Written by Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr. Produced by INKISH and PrintMediaCentr. Video editing by Jan Majnik · INKISH

Sat January 11th


100% Digital Natural · Print Sample TV · Pa...

Konica Minolta and MGI are well-known equipment manufacturers in the printing industry. In this Print Sample TV episode with Pat McGrew, she will show great applications from the two. It would help if you made your own print samples and actively use these in your marketing. Customers do not always know what's possible with the latest technology and showing what's possible will increase your sales.

Mon June 24th


160.000.000€ and still growing · Ulrich St...

One of Europe's largest printing companies is Druckhaus Mainfranken. They see themselves as an Industrial printer primarily delivering offset print to their sister company Flyeralarm. Mainfranken is managed by CEO Ulrich Stetter, who gave a presentation about their use of enhancement like digital UV/foil at the recent Inkjet Update conference. Excellent presentation, but even greater that CEO Ulrich Stetter took the time afterward took time talk to INKISH.TV. Enjoy this very interesting interview.

Sat October 26th


2019 Girls Who Print Girlie Award Winner Sabi...

Sabine Geldermann was awarded with the Girls Who Print 'Girlie Award 2019.' In the motivation for the price the Intergalactic Ambassador Deborah Corn states the importance of Sabine Geldermanns work, and how she is seen as a role model for women globally. We congratulate Sabine Geldermann and are proud of supporting women who prints.

Fri September 27th

2nd Show Report LabelExpo - Brussels, Belgium

After a slow start, LabelExpo took off, and for the people we spoke to, everything was great! The number of visitors, along with the quality, was two significant important comments. The media people we met in the Press Office were positive, though a few commented that there weren't that many new technological breakthroughs. I am not sure if that is 100% correct since shows don't only show products, but also represent trends. One of the more important trends at LabelExpo is the adaption of IoT and Industry 4.0. For many printers, this is most likely words with little resemblance, and we will, of course, tell more about what this is and how this can influence you as a printer.

Mon February 22nd


6 reasons that can stop your inkjet press fro...

During this session, we will pinpoint the main bottlenecks in print production, and we will share how our customers overcome these through different levels of automation.

Sun July 9th


60-seconds web-to-print · Igor Kluz · Key2P...

At DRUPA we asked web-to-print exhibitors in Hall 8A to tell in 60-seconds why to choose their specific web-to-print solution - In the following weeks, you will see for yourself. The first episode is with Igor Kluz from Key2Print.

Mon July 10th


60-seconds web-to-print · John Weissberg · ...

At DRUPA we asked web-to-print exhibitors in Hall 8A to tell in 60-seconds why to choose their specific web-to-print solution - In the following weeks, you will see for yourself. This episode is with John Weissberg from Print Science.

Wed July 12th


60-seconds Web-to-Print: André Hausmann · L...

In our 60-seconds Web-to-Print series INKISH.TV proudly presents André Hausmann from German web-to-print supplier LeadPrint. Germany is maybe one of the leading countries when it comes to web-to-print and André Hausmann here explains why you choose LeadPrint as you future solution. On the client list, you find prominent clients like AirBus and a whole lot of more well-known names.

Mon July 24th


60-seconds Web-to-Print: Frank Siegel · Obil...

Please welcome Frank Siegel from Obility in this 60-seconds Web-to-Print episode. At DRUPA 2016 we asked web-to-print exhibitors from Hall 7 to give 60-seconds good reasons why to choose their solution.

Tue July 11th


60-seconds Web-to-Print: Steve Ciesemier · A...

At DRUPA we asked web-to-print exhibitors in Hall 8A to tell in 60-seconds why to choose their specific web-to-print solution - In the following weeks, you will see for yourself. This episode is with Steve Ciesemeir from Aleyant Systems - maybe best know from Pressero.

Fri May 7th


A Guaranteed Good Hand · Pat McGrew · Print...

If you play your cards right, you can become a winner—no question about that. If you in Vegas, it's about money, but the cards that Print Sample TV host Pat McGrew show off, there are only winners. Use the deck of cards to show the go's and the no-go's and have a bit of fun while doing it. Watch this!

Mon February 22nd


A match for all businesses, powered by innova...

Inkjet technology is revolutionising the production print market and the production print industry has been in search of productive and reliable products, both of which are synonymous with the Kyocera brand. This makes us confident that the TASKalfa Pro 15000c will not disappoint as a unique business partner, no matter the company size, especially in consideration of this device’s small footprint, affordability, and exceptional productivity. Just ask the European Digital Press Association’s panel of experts who have just awarded this innovative device with the Best in Colour for SRA3. In this session, we will introduce you to our latest flagship product, a truly innovative and technologically advanced device that supports an array of media types and is kind on the environment with its low energy consumption. Let us welcome you to your brighter tomorrow. For more information on Kyocera’s latest inkjet device, click on this link.

Fri May 7th

A Post COVID Trip to Tahiti could be Fun · P...

Canon is, for good reasons, a frequent guest at Print Sample TV. Our beloved host, Pat McGrew, is thrilled about the do-it-your-self Canon Pro Stream 1800 kit that gives you an impression of the technology Canon sells. However, more importantly, she is impressed with the print samples delivered - so ladies and gentlemen - it's time to watch again!

Wed November 11th

A State of Affairs in Europe - Jacques Michie...

English Subtitled. Technology development in the graphic arts sector is in full expansion. Smart factory, Print Industry 4.0 focuses on digital technologies that facilitate the inter-connectivity between printing companies among themselves and those with their preferred “strategic” EXTERNAL partners. Classic models that acted as intermediaries between supply and demand, buyers and sellers, are being replaced by scenarios of transparent networked digital technology. The result: Suppliers, producers and consumers find each other (to a large extent) automatically. Business processes, services, product offerings and communication will also become transparent and interactive in equal measure. What does this mean in concrete terms for the graphic arts industry in Europe? Well, the focus is shifting from the usual INTERNAL optimizations and digitization of our value creation and production processes (rather the 3.0 model), to OPEN and EXTERNAL networked Industry 4.0-compliant “Partnerships”, with those who can deliver added value, expertise and connectivity in the graphic value chain. All this under the collective name “Print 4.0”. For those looking for more information on this topic, I invite you to read our articles about this on INKISH.NEWS: Also watch our video series “Replays” about the INKISH Smart Factory - PRINT4.0 Webinar, packed with valuable insights and interviews with specialists and Industry leaders: --- De technologieontwikkeling in de grafische sector is in volle expansie. Smart factory, Print Industrie 4.0 legt de focus op digitale technologieën die de inter-connectiviteit van grafische bedrijven onderling, en die met “strategische” EXTERNE partners bevorderen en samenbrengen. Klassieke modellen die fungeerden als intermediair tussen vraag en aanbod, kopers en verkopers, worden vervangen door scenario’s van transparant genetwerkte digitale technologie. Het resultaat: Leveranciers, producenten en consumenten vinden elkaar (voor een groot deel) automatisch. Bedrijfsprocessen, diensten, productaanbod en communicatie worden in gelijke mate ook transparant en interactief. Wat betekent dit nu concreet voor de grafische industrie in Europa? Wel, de focus wordt verlegd van de gebruikelijke INTERNE-optimalisaties en digitalisering van onze waarde creatie en productieprocessen (eerder het 3.0-model), naar OPEN en EXTERN genetwerkte Industrie 4.0-compliant “Partnerships”, met diegene die meerwaarde, expertise en connectiviteit kunnen leveren in de grafische waardeketen. Dit alles onder de verzamelnaam “Print 4.0”. Voor wie meer informatie zoekt over dit onderwerp, nodig ik uit om onze artikels hierover te lezen op INKISH.NEWS: Bekijk ook onze videoreeks in “Replays” over het INKISH Smart Factory - PRINT4.0 Webinar, boordevol waardevolle insights en interviews met specialisten en Industry leaders: