Fri September 29th


Mark Subers · PRINTING United Expo 2023...

PRINTING United takes place October 18th-20th in Atlanta, Georgi - and of course, INKISH will cover the event - and as usual, in-depth, engaging, and hopefully something you will like. Part of coverage is as often as possible to talk to the people behind the scenes and for PRINTING United Expo, one of the leading forces in Mark Subers. In this session, we talk about whether the Under One Roof approach is still the right approach that visitors can expect, and, of course, we also talk about the industry in general. It was nice catching up with Mark; we hope you enjoy it!

Wed September 27th

De En

Weber & Reitoft – Wir Spreche...

Liebe Freunde, Ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch, aber es ist wichtig für mich zu versuchen. In unserem neuen wöchlichen Programm mit Andreas Weber sprechen wir über Filme und Themen, von denen wir denken, dass sie für deutsche Drucker und Geschäftsführer interessant sein könnten. Ich hoffe, dass es Ihnen gefällt und lassen Sie mich wissen, wenn Sie Vorschläge zur Verbesserung haben. Nächste Woche sprechen Andreas Weber und ich über LabelExpo. Vielen Dank, Morten B. Reitoft Redakteur LinkedIn Profiles: Andreas Weber:

Wed September 13th


Jade Grace · Managing Director · Tarsus ...

Our Conversations are popular and for good reason, as you get the opportunity to get closer to the person behind the high-level management position. Editor Morten B. Reitoft can talk to the new Tarsus Group Managing Director, Jade Grace, in this film. You will learn what Jade Grace does when she is not working, but more importantly, learn about some of the considerations about expos, her own job, ambitions, and the future of tradeshows. Super nice conversations.

Wed September 13th


Positive expectations from manroland Gos...

When INKISH visited the HQ of manroland, we also got to talk to David Soden, President of manroland & responsible for the American operations. Enjoy!

Thu August 24th


Bernhard Cantzler · New Role · Marketing...

Bernard Cantzler has a new job within Mondi Group, and we wanted to ask him what difference it makes for him, the market, and the customers - and here we are! With 18 years of experience in the Americas, Australia, and, obviously, Europe, Cantzler knows the industry. His friend said to him 18 years ago, Why not a Finish mobile phone company rather than the paper industry - Funny enough, Mondi is still here :-) Enjoy!

Wed August 23rd


Is the German retailer REWE Greenwashing...

A few weeks ago, a film was published with a very clear message - use print if you like or don't like it - but don't use the environment as an excuse for your choice. The film has humor but a serious message that all printers and the industry should back - namely, that false statements about print don't do us any good. I invited Bernd Zipper for an interview to talk more about the film, how the supermarket chain REWE most likely only does this to save money, how this can become a generational challenge, and many other interesting topics - important - and a message from Bernd Zipper - the links below are to be shared! LinkedIn Profile: Link to Initiative Online Print Link to REWE film English Link to REWE film German

Tue August 22nd


Incredible unimaginable Magink from Fran...

This story is amazing. Philippe Alzina is the Founder, Owner, and CEO of a small ink manufacturer in France. We got in touch because Editor Morten B. Reitoft mentioned in a LinkedIn post that he was flying back from Boston in an Airbus A380. If you are curious about that story, you will have to dig in - but you will learn SO much more as Philippe Alzina manufacture inks with capabilities that you almost can't believe - from black that turns grey on the dancers of the Parisian Opera, to invisible inks, to pretty much everything you can imagine. This is an amazing story, and we are SO happy that we contacted Philippe Alzina and learned about his company Mistral Graphics. His payoff is Magink - and yes, it's magic!

Fri August 18th


UK Trade Association · Charles Jarrold ·...

Every day is a new day in the life of CEO Charles Jarrold. BPIF was established in 1901 and has since focused on supporting its members consisting of Print Service Providers in the UK. The job is, according to Jarrold, to support the members with services that are beyond the work of the company itself. That goes from labor, legislation, future, events, environment, health and safety, and more. 55 employees enable BPIF to serve the UK industry and align activities with Intergraf - which BPIF is a member of. In the chat between Charles Jarrold and Editor Morten B. Reitoft, topics of all kinds are discussed, and an open and fruitful conversation. Enjoy!

Thu August 17th


Same Day Delivery in London · Jacob Kent...

Jacob Kent-Ledger is the Production Director, founder, and owner of London-based Citiprint - a small large-format company founded in 2016. The company promises the same delivery within most of London. I 'found' Jacob Kent-Ledger as he was featured in the SignLink magazine, and then Jacob posted a LinkedIn story about the coverage - which pushed our curiosity to learn more. So here we are. Jacob Kent-Ledger and Citiprint were founded in 2016, and though a tiny company, the company has developed a business model that outperforms larger companies. We ask if the same-day delivery enables higher margins - and the answer you will get if you watch the interview. Great to see young(er) people interested in starting a print business, and again, this proves to us that our industry IS attractive to younger generations. Great work, Jacob, and if we at INKISH can support you in any way, please reach out! LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn Post SignLink article

Thu August 17th


Photo Products – a huge business O...

Think of this for a second - how many photos are taken every day with all the SmartPhones on the market? Well, we looked it up, and the estimate is more than 3 billion photos every day, and with this vast amount of photos, obviously, there are opportunities. Taopix is one of the leading suppliers of software for photo products, however, as Michael Carey explains, we deliver the software, and customers utilize the software in thousands of ways - and as he says, still an amazing business potential. Taopix is ready to support customers and even offer business services so they can deliver turnkey solutions. With the increased number of high-quality digital printers, the opportunity to turn precious moments into mugs, t-shirts, books, etc., has only begun. Reach out to Michael and Taopix for more information!

Mon August 14th


Elisha Kasinskas · New Director of Marke...

Starting in a new position is always exciting, and on INKISH, we share the considerations and ambitions of people getting into new positions. In this interview, Elisha Kasinskas talk to Editor Morten B. Reitoft about the new job as Director of Marketing for BCC software. Only a few days "old" in the position puts a lot of limitations on what you know. However, we find this tense field interesting as this is where knowledge, skills, and ambitions are manifested now, knowing the new company. We love this!

Thu August 10th


How IPIA supports the British Printing I...

Brendan Perring and IPIA have become synonymous with the British Printing Industry, and as many may mostly see the public events, such as The IPIA Big Breakfast online event or excellent award shows, Editor Morten B. Reitoft realized in this interview how important IPIA and the work the federation does supporting the British industry. In the conversation that lasts 40 minutes (so make sure to have plenty of coffee), you will learn how IPIA made a difference to the negotiations in Downing Street 10 and how IPIA continues to evaluate itself to stay relevant and worth the membership fee. Great story, and add to that, a beginning that takes you to how Brendan Perring got involved with print. You'll like it!

Thu August 3rd


Jordi Giralt · New CBO · KAMA

With experience from HP, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, and most recently, Leonhard Kurz, Jordi Giralt is a well-fit new CBO for the German finishing company KAMA. The Dresden-based company has a long history. The fast setup time of the finishing machines is one of the assets Giralt emphasized in his first interview after being appointed CBO. In an ever more and more digital world, Giralt also talks about the partnerships KAMA has with companies such as HP, Fujifilm, and more - and though well-established, Jordi Giralt is full of optimism for further growth of KAMA - and of course, INKISH will keep an eye on both people and technology - it's interesting. We are confident that Jordi Giralt will be a valuable asset to the company. Congratulations.

Mon July 24th


Tim Sterbak · Managing Director · IST Me...

Conversations are popular on INKISH, and in this one, Managing Director Tim Sterbak shares his view on quite a few interesting topics with editor Morten B. Reitoft - among the topics is external investors, how it is working in a family-owned company, how the future looks, and what drives Tim Sterbak as an individual. Super excited about this interview - we hope you enjoy it!

Thu July 20th


Christian Metz · CEO · IST Holding

Conversations keep being one of our most popular formats on INKISH. In these interviews, you get to know the human behind the company - what drives them as individuals, values, and careers, and what we like about the format is that the relaxed atmosphere alone brings the message forward. In this Conversations, we talk to Christian Metz, the third Metz generation owner of the successful group of IST companies.

Tue July 18th


SITMA acquired by Tecnau · Interview wit...

Recently Tecnau sent out a press release stating that they have acquired SITMA. SITMA is also located in northern Italy and specializes in packaging and logistics solutions. In this interview with CEO Stefano De Marco from Tecnau, De Marco explains some of the reasons why SITMA, in his opinion, is a good fit for Tecnau and how SITMA and Tecnau complement each other. He also explains that SITMA has customers in segments other than Tecnau and a different market presence, giving both companies new opportunities. SITMA will continue to operate under the SITMA brand - but, of course, seeking to explore the synergies.

Tue June 27th


Frank De Jonge · NEOS · IST UV-Days

Frank de Jonge is Commercial Director for the relatively new Italian print manufacturer NEOS. The company has specialized in producing inkjet printing machines that can be configured quite unique compared to others in the market. High quality, fast, uses different print heads, and can be configured in widths that are way wider than most others in the market. Frank de Jonge also explains how NEOS can print on metal, which requires precise measurements of the surface using lasers and software to manage the tiny changes in the surface. Of course, we also discussed the upcoming IST UV days, as NEOS will present several solutions utilizing LED-UV curing. Great to talk to Frank de Jonge, and I can't wait to meet him soon in Nürtingen at the IST UV Days!

Tue June 13th


Lars Engel · Managing Director · BHS Cor...

BHS Corrugated is one of the largest and most influential and innovative companies in the corrugated industry globally. Founded as a state-owned company and later taken over by Engel's father, Paul Engel, and his friend, Edmund Bradatsch, it soon became a strategy to own and control the entire value chain; Managing Director Lars Engel shares some of the learnings and considerations on the journey. BHS Corrugated has become a tremendous success, and besides the fantastic business story, the company also has a vast CSR responsibility that plays a role with both employees and people directly or indirectly influenced by the company. Super story!

Tue June 13th


Christian Engel · CEO · BHS Corrugated...

Christian Engel is the CEO of BHS Corrugated. Together the two brothers have developed BHS Corrugated into a global company. In the 'Conversations' with Engel, we get a behind the scene view of the history, the values, and what drives Christan Engel in his leadership.

Wed May 17th


Steve Billow · New President for Fujifil...

Steve Billow was recently appointed President & CEO of Fujifilm Dimatix. You may not know that name so well, but in the graphic arts industry, that equals Samba print heads, used in many inkjet printers. We got a chance to talk to Billow about his job, inkjet in general, and many more things - super nice talking to you, and looking forward to further conversations!

Thu April 6th


Stefan Hunkeler · Post HID23 · Hunkeler ...

In this online interview, Stefan Hunkeler shares his view on Hunkeler Innovationdays and how important the event has become for the entire industry. As usual good things to learn in a casual format. Enjoy!

Tue April 4th

De-DE En

The Blackbox Connector · Stefan Schiffer...

German with English subtitles. A few weeks ago, Stefan Schifferdecker from Tessitura reached out to INKISH; honestly, we had never heard about the company. Based in Germany, Tessitura has specialized in developing software for connecting systems. Think of this as Lego bricks or a vast patch bay that enable a printer to use one software with another machine, using a third software -and this way allows for even legacy systems with modern MIS/ERP systems. Stefan Schifferdecker and the company he works for are still new but have customers in Germany, and who knows whether they will be able to reach out even further!

Fri March 31st


Tom Peire · CEO · Four Pees

Four Pees has set a course to become one of the leading implementations of printing industry related IT-solutions. With huge knowledge, and as CEO and Founder Tom Peire explain, learning from previous mistakes, the company is now ready to execute ambitious plans. As usual, our 'Conversations' format goes behind the scene and gives you an insight into the human side of the top management in companies in our industry. This one is truly great - so please enjoy it!

Mon March 27th

De En

Eiji Kajita · Komori

Eiji Kajita is responsible for Komori's operation in Europe and has been working out of the Utrecht office for about a year. In this conversations you get the chance to know Mr. Kajita a bit better - his background, how it is, for him, living in Europe, and also how he sees the European print market. Interesting insights, which we hope you'll like! Enjoy!