Jacob Kent-Ledger is the Production Director, founder, and owner of London-based Citiprint – a small large-format company founded in 2016. The company promises the same delivery within most of London. I ‘found’ Jacob Kent-Ledger as he was featured in the SignLink magazine, and then Jacob posted a LinkedIn story about the coverage – which pushed our curiosity to learn more. So here we are. Jacob Kent-Ledger and Citiprint were founded in 2016, and though a tiny company, the company has developed a business model that outperforms larger companies. We ask if the same-day delivery enables higher margins – and the answer you will get if you watch the interview. Great to see young(er) people interested in starting a print business, and again, this proves to us that our industry IS attractive to younger generations. Great work, Jacob, and if we at INKISH can support you in any way, please reach out!

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