India (official name: the Republic of India;[19] Hindi: Bhārat Gaṇarājya) is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the world. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal on the southeast, it shares land borders with Pakistan to the west;[d] China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north; and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. In the Indian Ocean, India is in the vicinity of Sri Lanka and the Maldives; its Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a maritime border with Thailand and Indonesia.

Modern humans arrived on the Indian subcontinent from Africa no later than 55,000 years ago.[20] Their long occupation, initially in varying forms of isolation as hunter-gatherers, has made the region highly diverse, second only to Africa in human genetic diversity.[21] Settled life emerged on the subcontinent in the western margins of the Indus river basin 9,000 years ago, evolving gradually into the Indus valley civilisation of the third millennium BCE.[22] By 1200 BCE, an archaic form of Sanskrit, an Indo-European language, had diffused into India from the northwest, unfolding as the language of the Vedas, and recording the dawning of Hinduism in India.[23] The Dravidian languages of India were supplanted in the northern regions.[24] By 400 BCE, stratification and exclusion by caste had emerged within Hinduism,[25] and Buddhism and Jainism had arisen, proclaiming social orders unlinked to heredity.[26] Early political consolidations gave rise to the loose-knit Maurya and Gupta empires based in the Ganges basin,[27] their collective era suffused with wide-ranging creativity,[28] but also marked by the declining status of women,[29] and the incorporation of untouchability into an organized system of belief.[e][30] In south India, the Middle kingdoms exported Dravidian-languages scripts and religious cultures to the kingdoms of southeast Asia.[31]

In the early medieval era, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Islam put down roots on India’s southern and western coasts.[32] Armies from Central Asia intermittently overran India’s plains,[33] eventually establishing the Delhi sultanate, and drawing northern India into the cosmopolitan networks of medieval Islam.[34] In the 15th century, the Vijayanagara empire created a long-lasting composite Hindu culture in south India.[35] In the Punjab, Sikhism emerged, rejecting institutionalized religion.[36] The Mughal empire, in 1525, ushered in two centuries of relative peace,[37] leaving a legacy of luminous architecture.[f][38] Gradually expanding rule of the British East India Company followed, turning India into a colonial economy, but also consolidating its sovereignty.[39] British Crown rule began in 1858. The rights promised to Indians were granted slowly,[40] but technological changes were introduced, and ideas of education, modernity and the public life took root.[41] A pioneering and influential nationalist movement emerged,[42] which was noted for nonviolent resistance and led India to its independence in 1947.

India is a secular federal republic governed in a democratic parliamentary system. It is a pluralistic, multilingual and multi-ethnic society. India’s population grew from 361 million in 1951 to 1,211 million in 2011.[43] During the same time, its nominal per capita income, increased from $64 annually to $2,041, and its literacy rate from 16.6% to 74%. From being a comparatively destitute country in 1951,[44] India has become a fast-growing major economy, a hub for information technology services, with an expanding middle class.[45] It has a space program which includes several planned or completed lunar missions. Indian movies, music, and spiritual teachings play an increasing role in global culture.[46] India has substantially reduced its rate of poverty, though at the cost of increasing economic inequality.[47] India is a nuclear weapons state, which ranks high in military expenditure. It has disputes over Kashmir with its neighbors, Pakistan and China, unresolved since the mid-20th century.[48] Among the socioeconomic challenges India faces are gender inequality, child malnutrition,[49] and rising levels of air pollution.[50] India’s land is megadiverse, with four biodiversity hotspots.[51] Its forest cover comprises 21.4% of its area.[52] India’s wildlife, which has traditionally been viewed with tolerance in India’s culture,[53] is supported among these forests, and elsewhere, in protected habitats.


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Mon May 15th


Nidhi Agrawal · Design’n’Buy...

Nidhi Agrawal, CEO and Co-Founder of Design'n'Buy, and editor Morten B. Reitoft often meet at tradeshows. Still, Nidhi Agrawal is also a constant at our NON-EVENTs in Copenhagen. Always good to see her, and the company's success is great to follow. In this interview, Agrawal explains the continued success of their design plug-in - worth a watch!

Sun October 23rd


Demo: DesignO by Design’n’Bu...

If you are looking for a design plug-in for your commerce solution, start here. If you need a design tool that enables programmers to integrate a design tool with a set of APIs., this is an excellent place to start. If you need a solution that plug'n'play with several eCommerce solutions in the market, this is a place to get started - and in this demo, Dheeraj Kumar Pandey from Design'n'Buy demonstrates the DesignO plugin that delivers the above. Enjoy!

Sun October 23rd


Book, DesignO, Pinnacle Award, Success ·...

It's been amazing seeing the Ahmedabad-based web-to-print developer's journey. We saw the company for the first time at a Print Pack show in Greater Noida in India, and from then at both Indian and international shows in many different countries. The company has developed the web-to-print solution Design'N'Buy but has recently released its DesignO software, essentially the design module from the web-to-print solution, but now possible to integrate easily with several standard eCommerce platforms - and with a comprehensive API set making it easy(er) to use in many different applications. During the pandemic, Nidhi Agrawal and her team wrote a book on becoming a successful online print retailer. Recently, the company was evenly awarded the Pinnacle Award for its software. Difficult to say this isn't a success.

Fri April 30th

De En Es Fr Nl Pt

Vipin Goyal · My Team · Camp · Meditatio...

It’s my team that is working. And we allocate project managers, teams to plan, execute and deliver projects in a timely and streamlined fashion. So, there is there is Diana there. Leonardo there. And I like Diego Maradona. And that is a Godfather picture. So, these are the people I like most in my life. Communication is the key for delivering any software. Say if I talk about North India, definitely it is a bit, you know, harder recruiting new guys in Punjab. Punjab based company. But some developers, they want to stay in their cities. So, and we also want to develop a company in our state only. So, the developers don't have to go to other states. Apart from working from our office, we all settle at our places, at our homes. But we have different kind of project management tools, communication tools. So that all made things easy for us. We went to a trip recently. We spent a whole year at home and we all wanted to have a break. We opted for a hill station where we stayed in Riverside camps for a couple of days. And we did yoga, meditation and enjoyed a bonfire. And the other picture. There we are all dancing, and it is from 13 April. I told the team: let's do some meditation also. We were on a very beautiful view. So yeah. So, I thought let’s do a meditation for 15 minutes. There is a thing in India. Like we have around 85 percent of the people in India are living below the poverty line. Some traditional Punjabi dance, the Folk dance, the Bhangra dance. They have a very different clothing for this. On that day there was a Navratri festival also. That marks the beginning of a new year in India. I am CEO of My Virtual Teams. I founded this organization in 2010. We are a family of fifty plus professionals. Fast Forward

Sun April 25th


Replay: ALL-IN-ONE DESIGNER – Supe...

We will present live demo of our solution All-in-One Designer which will cover following. Various types of products our web-to-print solution supports: Stock Products, Commercial Printing Products, Wide Format Products, Packaging, Pesonalized Gifting, Personalized Apparel, Promotional Products, Photo Books, Photo Print, Made to Order Products etc. How to add/create a new products and define personalization options How to manage various printing options i.e., paper type, product options, and complex combinations of variables How to manage product prices based on product options and how our solution integrates with other solutions (MIS, Zapier, ERP) How to create or import design templates How to manage orders and process print-ready files The three most important KPI’s that makes our solution the best option And more. Nidhi Agrawal Dheeraj Pandey

Sun April 25th


Replay: OnPrintShop Web2Print – Solution...

Post Covid Print Service Providers major challenge is to able to quickly adapt to changing market and customer needs. OnPrintShop will showcase how we have helped PSPs during Covid to launch new sales channels -  B2C, B2B, Reseller & Franchisee Storefronts, add new print segments with no IT programmers needed. As most printers are stuck up with web2prints which have limited offerings and no set up support as implementation is big challenge for SME printers, especially during lockdown when recruiting and training as been very difficult. Showcase OnPrintShop Award winning multiple HTML5 Designer Studios configurable to offer product specific experience. Naresh Bordia Naimish Patel

Tue May 19th


Nizam Appas · Over The Skype · YesGo

In this "Over the Skype" session Founder of YesGo Nizam Appas, explains the background for YesGo. YesGo is an institute training students in the use of packaging software. Now the focus is on Esko's solutions. Still, in the session with K.S. Ashik from INKISH India, Nizam Appas reveal that YesGo will support other software solutions in the future as well. We also learn in this session about the expansion plans for YesGo - not only in India but globally. As with all our ‘Over the Skype’ interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Tue May 19th


Mohit Bansal · Over The Skype · Naph Gra...

In this "Over the Skype" session, K.S. Ashik has a great conversation with Assistant Director Marketing Mohit Bansal from Naph Graphics. Naph Graphics is one of the larger newspaper press vendors in India. In this session, INKISH India leads the conversation about the market, the products, the current, and the future. Why should a customer choose Naph Graphics? You will get at least some of the answers in this Over the Skype session. As with all our ‘Over the Skype’ interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Fri May 1st


Dayaker Reddy Sripathi · Over The Skype ...

Reddy Dayaker is the President of IPAMA - one of the oldest federations/organisations in the printing industry of India - more than 30 years old. IPAMA is mostly known for the Print Pack India exhibition, previously covered by INKISH. You can find the films from the latest Print Pack India here: In this interview K.S. Ashik from INKISH India have a great conversation about the India industry, IPAMA, and of course the importance of the Print Pack India show - next one is in Feb. 2021. As with all our ‘Over the Skype’ interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Thu April 16th


Nidihi Agrawal · Over The Skype · Design...

Nidhi Agrawal is the CEO and co-founder of Design'n'Buy. Over the years, the Indian based software company have become an international player in the web-to-print industry. In this Over the Skype Nidhi Agrawal tells about the advantages she sees working from home, and of course, also about the new products/features that were supposed to be presented at the now postponed drupa. As with all our 'Over the Skype' interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy!

Thu April 16th

Datta Deshpande · Over the Skype · Prath...

Datta Deshpande is the CEO and Owner of Pratham Technologies out of Pune, in India. Pratham Technologies is focusing on the production of folding machines for thin-paper, and small formats - with a focus on the inlay notes found in pharmaceutical packages. Datta Deshpande has a strong focus on a quality product, and mention in the interview, that Pratham Technologies only see two-three competitors in this segment. With over 5.000 installations globally, the company have to build a reputation for delivering high-quality folding machines. Sit in and listen - very interesting. As with all our 'Over the Skype' interviews, quality is limited to bandwidth, web-cams, and ability to literally LIVE mix the conversations. However, it works, and with Over the Skype, we will bring you more than 20 exciting people, and angles on the industry as it is right now. Enjoy! Thank you to INKISH India and Country Manager K.S. Ashik

Mon August 19th

With 100 jobs follows 100 “standar...

Idealliance is a well-known international organization and the founder of G7. In previous INKISH films, we have shared information about the G7 organization led by Tim Baechle. In this quite exciting interview with Mr. Selvan from Pressman (who represents Idealliance in India), we get an insight into some of the challenges with color-management in India. Color-Management is not only interesting for the brand-owners, but also for the printing companies Selvan explains - and even with more than a 1.000 programs in place in India - still, 249.000 is remaining. Visiting India, and looking at the quality of print - the delta E's are quite big, to say it mildly, but no question that the work Pressman/Idealliance does is excellent, valuable, and well-received!

Mon May 13th

The Need for Web-to-Print continues to g...

Web-to-Print have dominated the headlines in the printing industry for many years now. When the most successful printers in the industry use web-to-print to both grow and earn money even the smaller ones, of course, look into this new segment. Even influencers like Bernd Zipper from Beyond Print/ZipCon has almost made this into a crusade and has recently expressed that most printers will have to use web-to-print as part of their offerings. One of the successful companies in the relatively crowded market is Design'N'Buy, and at the recent PrintPack India, we got the chance to talk to CEO Nidhi Agrawal. Listen to her. She is one of the pioneers in the web-to-print industry and continues to see growth for both her and the industry.

Wed March 27th


INKISH.TV proudly presents S. Dayaker Re...

PrintPack India 2019 was a tremendous success for the organizers IPAMA and in this Conversation editor, Morten Reitoft gets the chance to talk to President S. Dayaker Reddy. India is one of the largest markets for print and with more than 250.000 printing companies and growth in all segments - the words of the President is important. Mr. Dayaker Reddy also explain that Indian printing companies are investing in new technology and he believes that India will have a bigger role in the global printing industry over the next year. With almost 100.000 visitors at the recent PrintPack, the industry keeps supporting the event and the next one is already in planning - so stay tuned. INKISH will be there!

Fri February 8th

Day 5 · PrintPack India · Greater Noida,...

PrintPack India 2019 exceeded expectations from both visitors and exhibitors. One of the people we spoke to was Samir Patkar, President of Heidelberg India. It was Heidelberg's first time at PrintPack but not last. Samir Patkar expressed that this show was way better than other shows they have exhibited with before. When we spoke with President S. Dayaker Reddy from IPAMA (the organizers), he told that the interest for the show was so significant that they hade to say 'no' to close to 40 exhibitors - a story almost impossible to believe for westerns like your humble editor at INKISH.TV but the case! Total numbers of visitors ended at 90.720 - so not the target of 100.000 visitors but quite close. In comparison, last DRUPA was 260.165 which was a decrease from its peak of 444.214 in 1990. Both gentlemen mentioned above we will soon be published in full interviews, so stay tuned. In this, our finale film from PrintPack you can see Indian versions of UV LED and of course snippets from the show. As the legendary Rock-band Queen once sung "The Show Must Go On" and so it will. INKISH will of course, before then, cover exhibitions and events from around the globe.

Wed February 6th

Day 4 · PRINTPACK India 2019 · Greater N...

PrintPack India 2019 takes place in 5 halls - quite big - and congested when you take into consideration that the organizer IPAMA expect 100.000 visitors. First day (Friday, Feb 1st) was not so crowded but the weekend - it was just amazing how many people attended from all over India. In this film, we walk you through one of the more machines that convert paper into to straws. As I mention the need to get rit of plastic opens up markets for paper-based products - and straws could be made on this machine from Weixin. In this film ower and CEO Rajan Harjai fra FillFlo also shows how simple his air-flow-packaging machines are - and though he doesn't tell in the film, the machines are sold from approx. 39.000 IN similar to $545 or 478€. Tomorrow we will publish the last of our daily films from PrintPack - so stay tuned for that. As usual, please watch, like, share - and comments - yes, ​please!

Tue February 5th

En En

Day 3 · PRINTPACK India 2019 · Greater N...

India continues to amaze. Being at the PrintPack India 2019 show continue to experience the excitement of emerging markets with an amazing diversity in products, services, and offerings. As usual, watch, like, and share! We are now heading to the show for Day 5 (our last day at the show) and you can look forward to two more films from PrintPack India!

Mon February 4th


Day 2 · PRINTPACK India 2019 · Greater N...

At PrintPack India almost 500 exhibitors are showcasing their products. Some are local only, some are producers in India for both the domestic and international market and then many international exhibitors are displaying their products and services. In this episode, we speak with Amitabh Jain from Unittex India who design and import cover materials ranging from paper-based products to leather and synthetics. Stunningly great looking and material that can be used for both books, packaging, and other exclusive products. We also got a chance to talk to Takeshi Amano from Miyakoshi. Miaykoshi is introducing a new offset machine for the label-market and with UV-curing on each unit, the machine seems to be a good fit for the demanding label printer. The Indian print market is a 250.000+ print service providers offering an enormous potential and as already mentioned in the episode from yesterday the optimism in the market is amazing. As usual - watch, like, and share.

Mon January 21st



For the 8th time, OnPrintShop is exhibiting at Print/GraphExpo and COO Dharmesh Acharya is excited. Web-to-Print is still a hot subject though less represented at Print18 compared to previous years. This doesn't stop COO Dharmesh Acharya to be excited about both the market potential, the future, and of course, the Red Hot Award which was given to the company's newly re-launched Photobook Plugin. Dharmesh Acharya believes in the market and explains in this video that personalized and photo-based products have a bright future - and we believe him. Watch, listen​ and share.

Fri May 27th


INKISH.TV Proudly presents: OnPrintShop ...

In a time where many printers are struggling to get more customers, one of the solutions is obviously to add a web-to-print service to your selection of sales platforms and in this episode we speak with the Indian company RadixWeb, who for almost a decade have been delivering the OnPrintShop web-to-print solution. This episode is not so much about the solution it self, but more about the company behind at least one of the more than 800 solutions globally. We will soon start to introduce more knowledge about web-to-print in general and also offer our viewers information about where to get balanced information. One of the leading web-to-print people in the world is Bernd Zipper from and though his site is in German he speaks and write perfect English.