India continues to amaze. Being at the PrintPack India 2019 show continue to experience the excitement of emerging markets with an amazing diversity in products, services, and offerings.

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We are now heading to the show for Day 5 (our last day at the show) and you can look forward to two more films from PrintPack India!

We are here outside India Expo Center in Greater Noida in India, for the Printpack India 2019 Expo, and this is the third day. It’s been a very good day, we have been talking to Vinod, who is the president of APTech here in India. We have been talking to a very exciting guy, he calls himself ‘Neo’ , about augmented reality, and we have seen loads of good stuff here.

See, one of the things that is really interesting about the Indian market, which you may not know, is that, there’s still like 250,000 printing companies in India, and it’s a growing industry. Even newspapers, books, everything grows here, so there’s a huge interest.

Yesterday, I attended the Gala from APTech, and I tell you, there was a lot of nice, very happy Japanese companies because they sold a lot of shit here. So stay tuned for this episode where we’re going to show you a little-bit of the spices we get out of here.

We are showing the widely available capability in the KM-1, MGI and our PP product. We are showing the all type of samples in here. We are targeting the premium market. We’re have the … People have invested more money, and they want the quality. When we quality they required, they require to high end implement. So we are targeting these markets.

Yeah, we are successful. We are installing more than 20 MGI JetVarnish. And we are also … one KM-1 is already installed.

Very good so far for us. Every has done better and better. Now we are expecting more order in this Printpack for PP and IP. Good business.

I’m a creative technologist, so I’ve been working in augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics, internet of things, and artificial intelligence, for over a decade.

Yeah, as you mentioned, it’s old school. It’s been in the industry for the last like 300 years, print? But it’s not something that’s gonna die tomorrow. It’s gonna be there for the probably next 300 years. That’s what I am looking at. But I see a big gap between this physical asset industry, I call it a physical industry, or the physical world, and the digital world which is emerging. I’m here to bridge the gap between the two. I’m not here to belittle the digital industry, or belittle the print. I want print to live, I want digital to exist, but I want them to coexist.

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