Imagine. Europe’s fifth-largest online-printer isn’t even a printing company – or at least not anymore. In this ‘Learn With Us’ session, Ali Jason Bazooband explains how the printing company moved from having own operation, to a source with 60+ printing companies in a quite unusual business model. Print24 or Unitedprinters own equity placed with printing companies spread all over Europe. The conversation was originally about outsourcing, and yes – printers still source with Print24, and both suppliers and print24 is able to make a margin based on this business model. Amazing story, enjoy!

Tue August 15th


Artificial Intelligence Webinar · Replay ·...

In this AI webinar, you will learn about the impact of AI on labor, legislation, and the printing industry - spiced with examples from various AI applications. Enjoy Morten B. Reitoft's lecture here on INKISH! Links: Presentation: Report from PwC