In this conversation, Morten interviews Anna, an editor from Poland, about her experiences and insights into the Polish printing industry. Anna shares that Poland is known as the “Printing House of Europe” due to its large and active printing industry. Despite Poland being a relatively new member of the EU, it has a significant market, with around 40 million people. The EU’s support, particularly in subsidizing printing companies, was not only for business development but also to protect democracy by ensuring the free dissemination of information.

Anna discusses the transformation of the Polish printing industry from the communist era, where there were only a few government-controlled printing companies, to a thriving sector with approximately 2,500 companies, contributing significantly to the European GDP. This growth reflects the broader changes in Poland, from a period of limited freedom and technology to becoming a vital part of the European Union and the global printing industry.

Anna also reflects on her experiences attending Drupa, the world’s largest printing equipment exhibition, highlighting how the event has evolved. She notes that the upcoming Drupa is expected to be different, with more emphasis on cost-cutting and digital innovations like artificial intelligence and machine learning, indicating a shift in the industry’s focus towards more sustainable and technologically advanced practices.

This summary encapsulates Anna’s journey in the printing industry, the evolution of the printing sector in Poland, and her perspectives on the future of trade shows like Drupa in reflecting industry trends and advancements.