arifiQ started as an estimation tool in times when estimation took a while. Their claim was a quotation in less than a minute, and not only has arifiQ developed into a full MIS system, but calculations are now instant and offer an interesting approach to pricing, for example, an InDesign plug-in enabling the designers to get quotes based on the design, format, number of pages directly in InDesign – and even ordering directly as well. arifiQ can also make an estimate based on an uploaded PDF, where arifiQ takes the size and number of pages and matches this to a product – and return an instant price. The ideas are solidly based on in-depth knowledge of being printers themselves. The Swedish company started with domain knowledge and added programming to the solution – now globally available, also integrated into HP PrintOS and many other OEM workflow solutions. Enjoy the presentation!

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Eva Rosén
Carina Karlsson