Morten Reitoft and John Blyth discuss the upcoming Drupa 2024, reflecting on the excitement and challenges leading up to the event. Blyth mentions that it’s been eight years since the last Drupa, and there’s a significant amount of anticipation and celebration around the event. He highlights Ricoh’s readiness to showcase its innovations and commitment to its client’s success through partnership and transformation.

Reitoft notes that it’s Ricoh’s fourth Drupa, emphasizing the company’s relatively recent emergence as a major player in the industry. Blyth recalls joining Ricoh 12 years ago when the company was still establishing its presence, and he expresses pride in Ricoh’s rapid development and expansion since then.

Blyth explains that attending Drupa was an easy decision for Ricoh, as it provides a unique opportunity to showcase their refreshed production printing hardware range, including the Pro Z75 (the world’s first B2+ inkjet sheet-fed device with aqueous ink and auto-perfecting) and the new flagship high-speed inkjet Webfed device, the Pro VC80000. Ricoh aims to create a memorable experience with their “House of Hinkaku” theater, featuring a multisensory show highlighting their commitment to transformational innovation.

Reitoft asks about the meaning of “Hinkaku,” which Blyth explains as “transformational innovation,” emphasizing fundamental and far-reaching change. This ethos underpins Ricoh’s approach to innovation, which involves collaboration with partners and clients to meet their specific needs.

Blyth mentions the importance of aligning their products with market needs through consultation and feedback programs. He recalls the successful launch of the Pro Z75, highlighting the collaborative effort between Ricoh’s Japanese R&D team and European staff.

Reitoft compliments Ricoh’s booth design, noting its contemporary and minimalist style with Japanese influences, including a theater structure reminiscent of a Japanese temple and calming gardens. Blyth confirms the booth’s bright accent colors, including pink and purple, and hints at a Japanese flavor in their offerings.

The interview concludes with Reitoft thanking Blyth for his time and looking forward to seeing him at Drupa.

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