In 1947 Bridgeport National Bindery was founded. Times were different, but Bridgeport served books of one despite all the commercial and technical differences. The product wasn’t a finished book but library binding, handled in small runs. Today Bridgeport National Bindery is a modern printing- and binding company still focusing on small print runs down to copies of one. We got the chance to meet with Bruce Jacobsen, who gave us a tour of an amazing company producing beautiful hard- and softcover books. They produce 20,000 unique titles per day in peak seasons, and only possible because of their HP and Screen presses + the Hunkeler setup creating perfect book blocks!

Books of one are for sure one of the mega-trends in book printing, and it’s been fantastic to see how different, same equipment is utilized with different printing companies. Stay tuned for more films like this, soon on INKISH 🙂

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