What was supposed to be our California Cruising tour also took us to Dallas in Texas, and lucky us, as this allowed us to meet with Jim Singer from Brodnax21C. Brodnax is a General Commercial printing company with both digital and analog equipment. The company has specialized in trading cards and high-end printed products, and as they are an Eagle Systems customer, Mike King and Ellen Manning asked to stop by to see how they utilize the Eagle. And that was a great experience to see and understand why Jim and his team invested in cold foiling. Brodnax has also agreed to invest in a Landa Press in a new DURST vast format machine and has on order a new SCODIX 106 HD machine – and I understand from Jim Singer that even more signatures are on their way for more equipment. Efficiency and a firm belief in the future are what I see when visiting Brodnax – Super lovely people, and super great to see print striving.