We’ve been with SO many printing companies over the years, and though amiable people meet 99% of the time – this one will be something special. Not just because of the superior technology and the products they produce. Not only because you see a company is investing in technology like the gigantic Massivit 3D printer. Not only because the company also invests in the creative side of events (we get to see how they work while here) but also because of the warm people working with CamAd in Toronto. Dan Deveau is highly genuine, open-minded, and friendly, but he touched me when I met his father. Bob Deveau has undoubtedly been a focused businessman. However, handing over the printing company to his son, and still at a high age, almost daily coming to the office to be around and participate in the business decisions, is lovely. Still, it also shows why CamAd is a company where everybody knows each other and does not just SAY family values but live family values.

All the above said, Dan Deveau and his team operate a company where they still (but less) work screen printing (analog) but have taken strategic measures to become a digital company with strong craftsmanship – Dan Deveau is not a believer in automation, and you can see that the manual approach does its advantages – for example in how media is handled, but enough written. Watch the film, listen and learn – absolutely one of the better in my mind!