Keypoint Intelligence and INKISH have a lot in common. As Ron Gilboa, Group Director of Keypoint Intelligence, former Infotrends explain, we are in the educational business. Of course, Keypoint Intelligence educates on a much higher level, but we, of course, like the comparison. Ron Gilboa manages a team of highly skilled specialist doing research and analysis of digital printing technologies. Ron Gilboa himself works with textile and wide-format technology. We caught up with him after one of his speeches at PRINTING United. Enjoy!

Tue August 15th


Artificial Intelligence Webinar · Replay ·...

In this AI webinar, you will learn about the impact of AI on labor, legislation, and the printing industry - spiced with examples from various AI applications. Enjoy Morten B. Reitoft's lecture here on INKISH! Links: Presentation: Report from PwC