CHILI Publisher increases the user experience · Don Schminkey · Channel-Fusion . Iowa, USA

At the recent SPICY Talks in Amsterdam Don Schminkey from Channel-Fusion was one of the participants. We got the chance to talk to him, and as a relatively new client with CHILI Publish he explains how great the software has been for Channel-Fusion and their customers.

We create software for a dealer distributor network for Fortune 500 companies and smaller, some bigger, that allows them to create advertisements that meet brand guidelines that are dictated by marketing departments. So then we integrate with printers and partners and agencies, and other customers to deliver the creative audience of the market.

We purchased Chili about just under a year ago. We’ve been actively using it for about six to eight months with pretty good success so far.

It’s been really great. My favorite thing about Chili so far, especially with the unveiling of the new universal graphics engine is that we found a partner that can be as innovative with their research development, and their ideas of thinking outside the box and getting to the next level as we are. So our clients continue to push us in turn we’ll continue to push Chili, and they’re really receptive to that. So it’s been great so far.

Absolutely. So I mean there’s short term and there’s long term gigs. So we are in the process of converting all of our clients over to the universal graphics engine and moving away from all their technology that had constraints. So we’ve been able to see not only an increase of potential revenue, but we’ve also seen an increase in user experience, and customer satisfaction.

Something new in such short time is incredibly challenging all the time. But we have to tip our hats and thank Chili Publish and their support team. They opened an office in Chicago and I think we’ve been keeping them busy for the last four months, so we really appreciate that.

Majorly positive. 90% positivity, 10% of the people don’t like change anyway, so overwhelmingly positive new experience for the dealers.