CMYKhub choses HP Indigo 100K over Offset · Dayne Nankervis · CMYKhub

In this film CEO Dayne Nankervis talks about the recent investment in the HP Indigo 100K. CMYKhub is an Australian trade printer working not only with print and binding, but also enhancement and embellishment – enjoy!

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Hi, I’m Dayne Nankervis from CMYKhub. We are a trade printer in Australia. We sell a range of products varying from simple fliers and brochures and business cards through to books and wide format. We also have embellishments that we add on with foil and raised embellishments. It’s challenging to accommodate our customers needs. Most printers would find this. So it’s very important that we invest in the technology that allows us to be ahead of our customers needs. We consider a few options when we were reviewing our digital offering. And one of them was actually an offset press. We looked at a half size, single sided press. We considered whether that would be a good comparison. HP 100k was the right choice for us. When we reviewed both the offset and our previous digital offerings we found that the HP 100k offered a superior uptime relative to previous digital machines. And then also an increased production output. The 100K was very beneficial to us. The HP 100k has been a great addition to our business as we run a sheetfed model. Where we have to run offset machines and digital side by side. To have a machine that can be agile. And ability to work around the offset machine to fill our finishing is quite important to us. The HP partnership has been very important for CMYKhub for the past seven years. We’ve been very well supported with great technology that is always investing and presenting new technology. Plus the service they provide. It’s the preeminent technology for Australia.