Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG) Are best known for their frames and lay-flat-photo books solutions, but the company also develops and sells other products. At C!Print ’23, Imaging Solutions co-exhibited with and showed a clever yet simple solution, together with a new alu/poly-based substrate, that can make stunning images printable, easy to send, and VERY easy to assemble. Two software solutions were also presented – by Imaging Solutions, as far as we see 🙂 The first is an extremely important software in the digital age, an AI-based image scaler that uses AI to render images to be used in a larger format – very convincing. The name of the software is Viesus. The other was equally interesting, though I found it strange that Imaging Solutions don’t offer a demo- site to test the software’s capabilities. The service is called, and what you do is upload min. 10 photos will then be made – again with the help of AI – into stunning images that can be used for your art. Everybody talks about AI, and with OpenAI’s Dall-E2 and ChatGPT, is a welcome addition to the creative use of computers. Super nice to see!

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