On the border between Poland and the Czech Republic, you find a divided city called Cieszyn (on the Polish side) and Cesky Tesin (on the Czech side). The city is divided by a river, and quite amazing to see how a city lives side by side yet being in two different countries. On the Polish side, we visited a printing company called Cieszynskie Zaklady Kartoniarskie, or easier for most to say, CZK. CZK has a fantastic history and has documents from both German occupations during the second world war and being part of the communist regime until its liberation.

In this film, however, we are talking with Piotr Kulikowski and Anna Wnuk about how CZK, with a major investment, moved from being entirely analog to becoming a digital packaging company with a new HP Indigo 30000 press and the new Scodix solution! Always great to see how companies with investments create interest from new customers. Enjoy!