Ali Benchekroun · Associate Executive Director · DirectPrint

What to expect when you visit a North African country for the first time? Well, we arrived at around 20:00 local time in Casablanca airport, and when we got out of the plane, the warm, dry air was pleasant. Luggage and security were a breath, and a few minutes later, our driver came, picked us up, and drove us about 30 minutes from the airport to our hotel. The adventure started great, and the expectations of visiting DirectPrint were high. And we were satisfied. Several Komori printing presses in different formats, Horizon and MBO binding equipment for perfect binding, stitched products, and tons of hands and equipment for rigid boxes, folding cartons, labels, digital embellishment, and, of course, the two KAMA products – the very reason for our visit – a Flexfold FF52i (Folding Gluer with extremely short setup time), and a ProCut76 a die cutter/hot stamping machine with extreme precession AND fast setup time – we have done a walkthrough of the machine, you can see it here:

Ali Benchekroun is getting ready to take over the family business at some point. Still, he will take over a super WELL-run operation with all the modern technology you can only dream of. Enjoy!