Drewsen Spezialpapiere is an almost 500 years old paper producer based outside Hannover, Germany. Amazing to see how the company has grown over the centuries and how important the company is to the city of Lachendorf. Generations have worked with the company, and the key to success for Drewsen is its specialty paper production. Paper is typically produced on demand and to the specifications required by customers. When BW Papersystems approached the company about the latest edition of the Questec family cut-stackers, the company could hardly believe the promises. 400 meters/minute on 40 GSM, perfect cut and stacked – but after some testing and further development, the machine is now installed and delivered on its promise – and Drewsen Spezialpapiere is very satisfied with the machine, as you can hear. The cut-stacker can also be used on a web-based printing machine and therefore have a broader audience than ‘just’ the paper industry. But see for yourself – quite impressive!

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