Elias Jo is the CEO of Entourage Yearbooks, and we actually had the pleasure of filming him back at the very first PRINTING United in 2019, Dallas. Now we meet again, and in this film, we talk about how SpencerMetrics helps Entourage Yearbooks with a much better overview of the production and how employees perform differently, so SpencerMetrics will also be used as an asset in compensation plans, etc. Learning how software like SpencerMetrics can support different objectives is super interesting.

In the film’s first 4-5 minutes, Elias Jo and editor Morten B. Reitoft talk about the yearbook market, and Elias Jo says that he has about 20-30% of the 1 billion USD market – needs to clarify that he talks about 20-30% of the digital printed yearbook market – just to be aligned!