(German language – English subtitles)
Esser printSolutions changed years ago from being an offset printing company to becoming a digital-only printing company. With both web-based and cut-sheet printers and finishing options, the company has placed itself in a good position in the German market. Procurator Diana Esser describes her company in this film, but she and her colleague COO Thomas Juros also talk about their investment in the Horizon Stitchliner Mark 5. If you haven’t heard about the Mark 5 before there is a reason – it’s a brand new addition to Horizon’s line of products. Horizon Stitchliner Mark 5 is roll-to-cut-sheet stitching with quite some cool features and very high quality along with high speed. Esser printSolutions is one of the launch customers in Europe, and as you can hear in this film – they are very pleased with the investment!