In the suburbs of Indianapolis, we met with Kevin Bennet from EZ Mailing. EZ mailing is a company focused mainly on political campaigns – a type of company you mainly see in the US. When you come to EZ Mailing, all the walls are covered with slogans and banners from all types of political campaigns. Slogans from elections of mayors and house members to school elections and election of the head of a fire brigade. The diversity is vast, and so is the production, which has both offset, digital, binding equipment, inkjet devices for addressing, a huge paper warehouse, and what drove us to EZ Mailing, an RMGT Series 9 offset printing press. Besides the current machine EZ Mailing has, the company has already ordered its first 9-series perfector press to support the Bennet experience growth. He is even foreseeing growth that could lead to yet a perfector press. Who says print is dying?