One of my favorite books brings to life the time when Johannes Gutenberg was alive. And what he accomplished and what he did. This was a real, true revolutionary time. Sort of like we’re living through now. Which started, of course, back in the year 2000 with the dot-com bubble. So this is the Gutenberg Bible. And it – sorry, it’s not a Gutenberg Bible. Gutenberg has been a big part of Markzware. Gutenberg would have probably used FlightCheck. Because quality control was obviously a big issue. Even back then. People don’t realize who really Tesla is, I don’t think still. To be able to reproduce those and get them in the hands with democratized content. To get into the hands of the average layman. The historical side having a Bible that’s from 1800. Where you can see how they printed, how they hand wove and bound it together. It’s amazing. And then another side is just like – I still to this day, if I open it up and I look deep in the in the crease I can find like a hair. I found like a sewing pin from, you know, who knows, 1800-something, you know. So my passion for all this stuff, for print is just that it’s amazing to be able to pick up a book and read what someone wrote. And they can spread that to thousands of people just with the press of a button nowadays in the Internet, you know. So FlightCheck is our flagship product. This is a product that Patrick Marchese and Ronald Crandall got a US patent on. It was an immediate hit because back then, you know, there was no PDF. We’re redeveloping FlightCheck. And if you like the beta test, the new version, please send email to Without video, who knows where we would have been. did a survey. And sixty percent of business owners now use video. Video is an easy way to get to digest information. The YouTube network is huge. And if you can get in there, it’s just amazing. How to embed an Illustrator file in InDesign. Or how to fix a PDF. Or how to recover my corrupted design file. YouTube in general, it’s just been amazing to help people.

Mon September 19th


Taskalfa Pro Kyocera Inkjet Cut sheet · Pat ...

The Kyocera Taskalfa Pro is a cut sheet inkjet device that looks pretty much like the toner-based printers you may already have. In this Print Sample TV edition, your host Pat McGrew explains why she believes the Taskalfa Pro is worth a closer look. She likes the look, she likes the footprint, and she likes the cost of inkjet vs. toner. So dig in and learn more!