Business is also having luck. Being on the right time, on the right place. If you are a Sales Manager of Tesla or iPhone…are you brilliant? No! The product is brilliant because it’s on the right time, the right place and at the right moment. I worked 12 years for Xerox. And I learned a lot about all the processes. So I’m a very successful company in the toner printing industry. From a leader to a follower. And what I really regret is that they still have Palo Alto Research Center. They have 11000 patents. Still they can’t invent new business models. I believe it has to do with management style and egos of CEOs. And that’s my Dutch directness about this topic. Price looks very important, but at the end, you’re selling trust, not price. Because how many deals happened in the past where you think: Oh, I’m 20 percent cheaper than the competitor. And still the competitor buys the product that’s 20 percent more expensive. But the end price is all about trust. Because what the customer wants has to do with the liability and the operation of my business. Tiny Habits has to do with how can you change your behavior? Your brain is conditioned. And that means your brain is unbelievably lazy. When you make a decision and always search for the fastest path. And your brain creates a neurotransmitter synapse. You think you are doing this rationally. That is not the case. To break this rule, you need to change habits. And changing habit means you don’t have to go directly into the big steps. But do tiny steps. I donate two and a half percent of my annual revenue to the Brain Foundation. I’m in the consultancy business. But also about knowledge business. And I need this part to be successful. The reality is one out of four people will get a brain disease sooner or later. And it can be a very simple one. But also Alzheimer, Parkinson, depression. The things we can build, create but also destroy is all done with a brain. And that’s why I really love the Brain Foundation.