It was a tough one to pick. Because I’m always like talking about myself. But I kind of reflected back on the last couple of years. And we’ve all had our ups and downs and our struggles. But I had a few other things that came in play. And I just needed to take care of myself. I spent a lot of time on webinars. And spent a lot of time reading. Kind of self-improving myself as far as the industry. And then my life outside of work. That’s probably my favorite crosstab project to run on. I enjoy having projects go on a 640-size press. The harder the project is, the more fun I have with them. The right customer really appreciates what you do for them and understands the value they’re getting. Says a lot about what they think about me as well as our company. Maybe I was sucking up a little. You know, it was a lot more to do with the camera. And I thought, well, I need to have a good background. And INKISH was as good as good as any, right? Everything from this conversation we’re having right now to you halfway across the world to… You know, I’m meeting with clients. I met with one in Vancouver, British Columbia. And so, it’s almost like a little show and tell, like a reading school. You know, you turn in the pages so that each one can be reviewed. And so that’s been kind of a nice way to look at crews and talk about them. It can only bring us closer if we are able to. But finding the right people to connect with or finding a person to connect with. You know, I had come across a few of your videos. Maybe it was in one of the like the printing impressions emails that I received or something along that lines – a while back. I just watched one of your seminars. But I hadn’t seen anything in a while. And then it just… I think a lot of that was just so much information out there. And then… But now, I’m it’s definitely bookmarked on the top of my bookmarks on my computer. So now you are stuck up there, so.

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