Look back at March 2020. When the Covid-19 started in Thailand. I became tutor and speaker. One picture that I remember really well is: I was helping her who spoke to me. It made me know that other industries have troubles. And that Covid-19 hurts many businesses. This was the starting point for making the Printery Podcast. I interview a person in the printing business about how they solve their problems in the pandemic. Large format printing communication to set the hygiene in the hospital. And suggest this type of communications for the doctor. And sharing knowledge communication. I think like many people who say that printing is essential too in the crisis. Printing can deliver solutions quickly in the pandemic. I am thinking that print is essential in the crisis when the technology sector has grown. And there are more and more innovations. Printing – there will be more printing. Diverse, modern – it works. And printing is also a part of other businesses and people. My name is Jitngarm Pramaneenil. I live in Thailand. I am a podcaster at printery podcast.