That radio is funny. I can remember that radio being in my life from the time I was a little girl. We had a little tiny little black and white TV. That got two channels. And I just remember pushing the buttons and trying to find the sound. And when my mom passed and a few years ago, I got a bunch of her stuff. This radio was in there. I’m hearing the same ads, but on different podcasts now. The type of communication hasn’t changed. And I love how podcasts have evolved. It takes at least ten touches before your brand is a memory. Is even recognizable. That’s where you can really start to recognize the buying patterns and the behaviors. And yeah, a lot of it is because we are bombarded and hit by so many messages. On so many channels. Scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. Oh, oh, I’m going to stop for a second. That spark that makes somebody stop. It becomes a little bit tricky, especially if you’re selling a B2B solution. The smart companies are using their employees as brand ambassadors. I tend to be creative with words that need to be graphic designer. I got into the print industry as a typesetter. I have roots in print. And a lot of what I surround myself with are those fond memories. I’ve got illustrations of my parents. These are the things that I look at. That no matter what craziness is going on. I feel like so much has changed. But yet so much has stayed the same. I think we should stop calling it the print industry. And start calling it the communications industry. You know, I’ve been hearing for years print is dead. Print isn’t dead. Print is dead. Print isn’t dead. Print has changed. Print is different. Print is more. Print is communication. Print is the only medium where you can take a digital brand and actually make it physical. Are we ever going to call ourselves the communications industry? I think that would be awesome.