This was a project I did with Twintag. That uses unique identifiers like QR codes to link printed products or physical products to live and digital experiences. When everything locked down I got nervous. I was convinced that I needed to be live to be any good. The focus is now more on the quality of content. People are really done with sitting in front of a zoom call. I think a lot of companies were basically not ready for this. A lot of companies had to play catch up. If good content and content creation is not in your DNA as an organization, it’s really difficult to just start doing it. So one morning I walked out and I see a little Google car go by. I wrote a SMS to my mother going: Hey Mom, I am famous. I’m on Google Street View. I took like a little audio recorder where I could record ideas. I wasn’t really lonely. It got lonely in other moments. I think we have gotten insanely lucky. Mortality rate is not very high. This was a good warning. And we should draw some lessons. But also: how do we communicate about this? Just as I come up a hill. And typically this is where I stopped playing the audio book. And I start recording ideas. The risk is, and I noticed this by myself, is that you start consuming so much media that you no longer process it. I read a lot of books when I was traveling. Even if you don’t remember anything about the books you’ve read, they have changed you. Here we go. This is the one. It’s called ‘Cognitive Psychology And Its Implications’. This is the one. I’m in my comfort zone. It’s unplanned. A lot of the best ideas just come from freewheeling. One of my customers actually forced me to do it. I did some of my best work without ever meeting the customers. There was a bunch of people, lots of excitement. We want to do this live. Because the energy level we get from you online. If that is just a part of what we’re getting, we should do this live. I miss travel. I like meeting people in different places. Travel makes you focus on the essential. You take your best shoes, you take your most comfortable sweater. You take your favorite and best equipment. I’ve grown to do the same thing now. Not just when I travel, but when I leave the house.