Well, first of all, I like the pink shirt that I’m wearing. But the Indigo… It’s I’m actually an investor with my brother. Partner with my brother in a label company called Stick2. And we’re just really proud of the equipment. The Crown Pub started last year when the pandemic started. I think it was around March or April. And I was invited on. And then I’ve been on every week since. Which, by the way, had there been no Covid, I wouldn’t have thirty five friends around the world. That was from the last PaperSpecs Unboxing event. Went on to the event, had a great time. Sabine does a wonderful job with it. And I had requested from one of the Sappi reps some Sappi paper. I was just at the office. I was walking through the back. And just looking for one of those candid shots of… And stick my face in front of a machine. In front of a camera. I got my first shot three weeks ago. And I got to tell you, I didn’t realize how crazy Covid was making me in my head. But when I got that shot, I almost could have cried. I felt like it was Warren 2.0. And I was given a second chance on life. So we were fishing carp. That’s the setup. Where you basically just plant your polls. And you have line readers. And you sit there. And I was basically working remotely. I have ADHD, so I bounce around a lot. Then it became ADHDTV. Because I sit with the remote control and keep changing channels. My kids gave me a remote control without batteries. So I could sit in the room. But I am bouncing. When I get into a boat or I’m standing in the water with a fly rod, I could not be more peaceful. My brain is getting creative. I’m thinking. I have nothing with me. That is the best. I’m not worried. Print has always been evolving and changing. The only thing I would like is… I would like for… And please everyone listen. I would like for all the negative people in our industry to get the hell out. Before they take us down for no reason. It’s about bringing the positivity back to the industry. Because we need to be upbeat and we need to attract young talent. All you old people out.