We often say it, and we always mean it. Seeing so many different printing companies, that within their domains are successful is simply great. This time, we visit Fireball Studio in an area of Philadelphia, where the owner, Paul Yararone, tells us that drugs are sold just a few blocks away. However, he also tells about how streets close down traffic to celebrate local art festivals, where both his business and life partner are active. Customers are artists, schools, non-profits, and normal business customers. Despite the company’s size, investments range from self-developed Apple Filemaker software to a new Canon iX-3200 Inkjet printer. Motivated staff, even a company turtle, is part of what makes the company stand out, great, and an inspiration to visit.

To manage a small business with so many orders, Fireball depends on software. Filemaker for the front end, Enfocus Switch for data routing, and our Canadian friends from Ultimate TechnoGraphics deliver the secret sauce, pushing files and orders to the printer. It is a super company, producing super products and a super setup with motivated staff and owners that kick buts to grow their business – and I for sure hope to be back, expecting further integrations and utilization of Impostrip even more – of course 🙂

Thanks – wonderful company you have!

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Catherine Dentino