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Flyeralarm is the biggest online printer in Europe, and we are proud to be able to call them friends. In this Print Sample TV episode host, Pat McGrew clearly shares her passion for the marketing pieces the giant showed at Sign, Print & Pack 2019 in Denmark.

Conclusion. Catalogues do their work, and you should do your own to show what you are capable of, and what you can offer to your customers and prospects!

I’m Pat McGrew and this is Print Sample TV. Welcome back. We run around the world, we look for really cool stories and print samples. Sometimes what we find is there’s a vendor who just figured out how to tell a really good story. That’s one of these stories.

We were at a trade show earlier this year in the autumn of 2019 where we met the folks from Flyeralarm. If you are in Europe, you know Flyeralarm. They’re all over and they are known for producing pretty much anything you need to support business trade events. But the thing that they did at this trade show that really caught my attention, they brought a whole lot of really interesting print pieces. I really enjoyed the different postcards. You can never have too much fun. They brought them on different substrates and I wish you could feel this one. This one is an amazingly thick substrate. It almost feels like a drink coaster. It is just beautifully done. Nicely printed. This is actually sort of raised lettering embossed.

They were showing a wide range, and they actually had a whole stand full of these things that you could pick up and take. But the thing that really caught my eye in addition to the raised card that they had sitting in the middle of their stand was their catalog. Catalogs got a bad reputation for a while. I think over time we almost had catalog saturation. In North america, A lot of the big department stores were producing inch thick, two inch thick catalogs and they were wish books. In business, we see a lot of catalogs that do similar things. Paper merchants will do catalogs. Office equipment manufacturers. There are a lot of catalogs out there, but a lot of them are little more than very tiny text and a little tiny picture.

One of the things I liked about what the Flyeralarm folks did is they opened with a story, and then they continued the story throughout the catalog and related their branding to all the different types of services and all the different types of philosophies including their green philosophy that they have. But then they did show you all of the products or a good portion of the products that they can produce for you with the pricing, with the different variations. The reason it caught my eye is because I couldn’t remember having seen a print vendor of this type of a Flyeralarm class of company really take the time to produce a beautifully produced catalog. Beautifully printed, beautifully thought through and consistent in the branding all the way through. They really caught my with it.

So if you are any kind of printer and you haven’t considered building your own catalog for your own products, you might want to think about that. We are in the print business after all. One of the things that you can do is create all of the different types of products that you create. Make sure that you have all the specifications identified. If you are using a web to print product, that is one way that you can capture all the different bits and pieces that you’re capable of. If you’re not using a web to print product that has a catalog with it, getting a piece like this pulled together is a great way to get started. I liked what the guys at Flyeralarm did, so congratulations guys. I’m looking forward to seeing them at another trade show to see if they bring something new and fabulous.

I’m Pat McGrew. This is Print Sample TV. Come back for another episode.

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