INKISH.CALC V4 is ready

Version 4 is a major update and gives you a lot of new great features. Let’s dig into some of them. First we found a few minor bugs that are now fixed but more important is of course some of the great features. Every time you see a paper name you can now swipe the paper name to the left and get some options for that paper depending on where you are in the app. The options are “View PDF” that will take you directly to the paper mill’s specification of the selected paper – really cool and important, so you can double check that our parameters are correct. Another nice option is to add the paper you are swiping to your list of favorite papers – makes it easy to build a list of your mostly used papers. In the calculator many new functions have been added – you can of course still choose between binding methods. When you select a product that CAN have more than 4 pages cover, you can now choose 6 or 8 pages and now specify the flap size accordingly. We have also added a drop down menu with some pre-defined formats making it faster and easier for you to select a format. When you save a calculation you will now also be directly asked if you would like to use your calculation to send an RFQ to one of your favorite printers. The only thing you will have to add is whether you print in color or b&w and if you need varnish, laminations, hot foils etc. It’s SO easy and SO nice to use INKISH.CALC for quotes and in V4 your printer can even send you a quote directly in the app – SO nice and so convenient. The offer will ALSO be send to you per mail. V4 also have a new function where your country’s merchants can be registered. This a paid-for-process and we are working on the merchants to become partners with us – but it’s even more convenient since you can narrow down you selection of papers, to papers actually available in your market. Of course you still have access to almost 30.000 types of paper – just click “All Paper” and you’ll have full access. Finally – wherever you are looking for paper we have now build in a search feature that can help you finding the paper you need. We hope you will enjoy V4.