INKISH.TV presents: Postoffi – the art of wrapping

Meet Maris Kasparrovics from Postoffi, a small company located in Riga, Latvia. The company have specialized in producing paper bags and envelopes mostly by hand or only slightly assisted by machines.

My name is Maris, surname Kasparovics. I am the owner and director of my company ‘Postoffi’.

If we talk about, especially envelopes only, it’s not folding and gluing machines job. It’s a manual, it’s a half-manual.

Of course we are cutting with machines, but folding and gluing is hand-made.

We are talking about envelopes, non-standard envelopes, paper bags, especially paper bags and especially jobs in a paper cutting, folding and some are in passepartout creating and somewhere else, completed jobs. We make standard envelopes, but our offer especially I want to say, it’s especially non-standard envelopes. We can process every size – every sizes to higher, maybe we string flap or straight flap or creasing some materials; we can change – it can be different papers.

If you use 500 pieces envelopes, ordered and produced; we can produce every 100 envelopes different, so it’s not a problem for us, yeah and it’s a special offer for you, for a customer. For example, about envelopes ordering, of course we can start from some envelopes, as it’s a minimum order of 5 or 10 envelopes, it’s especially for inviting. And we can talk about 50 000 envelopes, too. Last time we produced 200 pieces; 1 000 pieces, too.

I work together with producers from Poland and from Finland, from Tampere, from Kirio Konkori (?), who’s producing envelopes on machines. In previous job I was working with these guys and so, I know what can they do in a factory, in a big factory and I know what I can do.

This is a special product for a company who is producing glasses and marketing products, whose customers offer to clients. We made all these and for passepartout cutting, gluing, sticking glasses in a cartons. It is for our special products who we can produce. And then of course in a future we can offer not only straight creasing, but we wanted to offer for customers – it can be rings, bubbles, stars or something else, it’s so cool.

I think, of course it’s time to time; if we are talking about 20 envelopes, every people can make it at home. It’s simple, working in a [00:06:34 ?] and you can glue and cut if you need some, only 10 or 20 envelopes, but if we talk about the best quality, especially printing, especially creating or embossing or file, okay – it’s not home-made. We have big companies who use it. Of course, it’s for example if we talk about paper bags, of course it’s not private, it’s companies who use it for, putting some examples – from jewelry, from books, from someone else; it’s something different.

Of course we talk with the customers of what we can do. We find it’s a best way, because we must see best product. And if we think the same, if the talking is the same, we can produce best quality, yeah.

You can use from wallpaper, you can use newspaper, you can use new white, of course paper, printing materials. You can make envelopes from all what you can fold and what you can glue.

When customers receive envelopes or paper bags, it’s most important to like it, what way to use. It’s very important, so, yeah.

If we are talking about future, of course I think we… I don’t want including in a big company. In our Baltic countries it’s a problematic market. It’s big companies every time that grow up and lose it, absolutely. For our families, for our people, we can stay here…still walking, always still walking and we can offer better, what we can do. And I think for best quality, for quick producing and different products what I can offer, it’s best for small company, not for big. I’m thinking about future, of course – we must offer for customers, something new and something better than what we have now and I can talk about passepartout cutting and it’s for interiors, for sportsmen, for military persons, it’s mostly private, but not only, of course. It’s something changing, but if it’s interesting jobs and it must be better profit for us.